Since October 17th, 2018 it has been legal to buy and use marijuana for recreational purposes in Canada. Each province though has its own laws so it is important to understand the ones in your province. Here we look specifically at Ontario and the rules there if you want to buy weed Richmond Hill and elsewhere there. There you have to be 19 years or older to buy, grow, possess or use it. Here is a look at the basics.

How to buy cannabis and cannabis products

Legally a person can buy and get cheap weed delivery Richmond Hill of up to 30 grams. You can get it from legal sources online or you can go to designated stores in person. As well as being able to buy weed you can also buy things like edibles, oils, sprays and such. You can also legally grow up to four plants for personal use, not to sell.

Where are you allowed to use it?

You can have up to 30 grams on your person and will not be breaking the law. There are only some places where you can legally use it, smoking or edibles dispensary Richmond Hill. You can use it in your apartment or on your balcony depending on whether your unit has rules against it or not. You can use it inside your own residence or at a friend’s or family’s residence, and that includes on their porch or in their yard. Some outdoor parks too allow it.

You cannot use even legal weed in long term care homes or retirement homes, at work, in a school or any other place children play such as a children’s park, in cars while driving, in bars or restaurants, on sports fields or in sheltered areas outside like bus shelters. You can face fines if you do, you get a smaller first-time fine and then after that, it goes up by five times for any other offences.

Laws about being under the influence

Just as with alcohol, you are not allowed to drive while under the influence. So do not drive to buy weed Richmond Hill, and then expect to smoke it and drive home. There are serious penalties for doing this that include;

  • Losing your license
  • Jail time
  • Having a criminal record
  • Fines
  • Vehicle impoundment

Travelling with cannabis is not a good idea!

Being able to buy from an edibles dispensary Richmond Hill and the legal status of cannabis in Canada does not mean it is okay to travel its borders with the product. You cannot bring cannabis in from other countries and you yourself cannot travel with any product to America or any other country. When you visit another country you have to follow their laws and being a Canadian does not give you any right to immunity or preferred treatment.

It is possible that even though it is legal in Canada now, your admitted use of it when you travel to another country that might have very strict laws about it, could get you into legal trouble. Or you might be denied entry. A lot of countries still have strict rules on cannabis use and possession. Even if you get cheap weed delivery Richmond Hill and then drive in a car to a state in the US where it is legal, this is still illegal. You cannot move cannabis across the border. If you are discovered at the border there are potential consequences including denied entry, fines, legal charges, jail time and a record.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis