Essential oils are one of the most talked-about alternative medicines in the world. They are used by countless people for different things. Sometimes essential oils are used purely for health reasons (although, like aid with prescribed medicines, not just by themselves) but all of them can be just to improve your well-being. However, there are a lot of questions that can arise when you decide to use these types of oils; such as: what are they? Why use them? And what is Polysorbate 80 and is it good for you? These questions will be answered in this article and more.

What Are Polysorbates?

Polysorbates are ingredients that are used to dissolve or emulsify other ingredients so that they can all easily blend. It is also a surfactant that is used for some soaps and cosmetics creations, especially Polysorbates 80. Plus, Polysorbate 80 is a solubilizer that makes the product has a creamier feel to them. However, it is a chemical and therefore if it is used to create essential oils then these are no longer viewed as natural. Companies such as Roots Essential avoid this chemical in all their products, particularly in their All Natural Aromamist collection.

What's The Effect Of It In Our Body?

Everything release on how much quantity you take in. However, with Polysorbates, in particular Polysorbates 80, taking too much can end up causing harm to your body. It has been linked to alteration regarding gut bacteria and it may even cause colon cancer. Another note to make is that it can also lead to hypersensitivity, rashes, and nonallergic anaphylaxis. Plus, there have been cases that it caused liver and renal toxicity. It would be best to avoid it, especially large quantities of it.

There's A Natural Alternative For Emulsifier Such As "Witch Hazel"

However, many products offer a more natural and alternative to Polysorbates. Many other items do not even use Polysorbates 80 in the creation of their product. Witch Hazel is a popular one that is used over Polysorbates 80. It is said to do the same job of blending the ingredients in some essential oils. Witch Hazel, as well as aloe vera, is said to work well on skin and hair which would be perfect for a bath or to use as a cream such as the 3 in1 Body, Linen, and Room Mist from Roots Essential. Companies such as Roots Essential with their All Natural Aromamist products do not contain Polysorbates. It only has three ingredients: Distilled water, Witch Hazel, and 100% pure essential oil blends.


Essential oils can be a great addition to your lifestyle. But make sure that you find the right brand that is all-natural without the use of Polysorbate 80. You can experience what essential oils have to offer and how they can improve your health and, therefore, improving your life and well-being. But it would be suggested to no overdo it since nothing good can come from using or taking too much of something even if it is natural.

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