While eLearning used to be merely an option for students, particularly those who were unable to go to their designated schools, the pandemic essentially required eLearning as a practical and safe means of continuing education during lockdown or quarantine. While most urbanized places can swiftly accept it, many students may find it difficult to make the transition to eLearning due to two primary factors: lack of/inadequate network and school faculty unprepared to deal with the abrupt change.
This is where ByteXL comes into play. ByteXL is a US-based experiential hybrid eLearning platform (Online and Instructor led) with its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas (USA) and Hyderabad, Telangana (India).

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Brief us about the featured person and their journey in the e-learning space.

The Founders, Karun Tadepalli (Co-founder & CEO), Sricharan Tadepalli (Chief Sales Officer) and Satish Yedulapally (Chief Training Officer), while working as technology leaders often saw a huge gap in the academic world and IT industry needs.

What is the current industrial scenario of the global e-learning market space?

Recent years have witnessed substantial growth in hi-tech solutions in the field of education. With the pandemic entering the picture and the world undergoing a seismic shift, digital transformation has hit businesses, working professionals, and individuals across industries.

How is technology complimenting e-learning in the broader spectrum?

Quality education has certainly become the need of the hour. Since students who have inadequate basic skills are directly promoted to advanced courses across the spectrum of learning, there has been an emerging need to strengthen their basics with a solid foundation and enhance their learning through career shipping specialization courses.

How has the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic influenced the global e-learning space?

The global crisis has set an alarm for education regulators to adopt merit-based corrective steps. The fact that there is a possibility of lockdown and possible restrictions in the future in the way we live, play, and work cannot be denied. The demand for online learning platforms like ByteXL is likely to increase, as they provide tremendous benefits to students to gain adequate technical knowledge needed to open a realm of job opportunities in the IT industry.

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