Let me tell you something you know, but chose to ignore, avoid, and/or make little effort to accomplish. That is, to sell more, become a selling super star and to move to a higher income bracket in your selling career, get to the C-levels, GMs or the one who wield the ultimate power for the profit centers you’re trying to sell into. Ask yourself, “Who in this organization can say, ‘Yes’ and it’s a done deal – no delays, no perfunctory signatures, only, ‘The sale is mine right now.’” These people must be your focus.

Many a dejected sales person has fallen into the “it’s been delegated to me” trap or the “a committee has been set-up to decide” trap, or “the comptroller controls” trap as to who makes the final decision. These people are only “playing dress-up” as the final decision maker and you’ve accepted their costume. These are the qualifiers who eventually make a recommendation to the GM, C-level, or the profit-center leader for him or her to approve. What these people do best is gather information and then beat you for better options, price, and terms. They put you off, and worse. They are important, but they eventually go to someone else for the final “Yes.”

Now you can’t ignore these subordinates and committees, but to assure winning, you now have to get-to and show the GM / C-level you’re the best deal. If the top guy is satisfied, and you got him or her to that state, s/he can concur with a favorable recommendation or override an unfavorable recommendation – that’s power.

Once you make it your priority to get-to C-levels, you’ll become suspicious of the information gathering subordinates, and you’re selling strategy will change. You’ll hold back proposals, presentations and pricing until these intermediaries make it possible for you to have a conversation with the C-levels.

Think about this. How can you satisfy the upper echelon if you haven’t had a conversation to learn what they want? Are you going to believe the subordinates’ spins? Remember, subordinates have their own vested interest at stake?

Now here is the big problem. The little devil on your shoulder will be shouting, “Don’t rock the boat,” and/or “This low-to-no-power subordinate can make the final decision,” and/or “The top doesn’t get involved with this type of decision.” But we all know what happens when we listen to our demons – we lose.

So to make more sales, commit to talking with the c-level, final, powerful decision makers. It’s takes confidence, effort and determination, but, it will pay off with quicker closes, and up-sells. And when you don’t get to the C-suite, GM, etc., let the alarms in your hear blare you’re on shaky ground. Someone else has got to carry your message to the ultimate decision maker and you don’t know what s/he will say.

And now I invite you to learn more.

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