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You may have seen so many glute exercises that appear in loot building workouts online, but they won't bring the desired results. The centering of training around training is a thing of the past and the exaggerations and bribes seem to have become a more important part of your body than ever in recent years. Glute Day, you might find yourself doing a squat version or two or maybe even a few leg lifts.

cable machine squats

This is one of the first squat variations I have seen so far, and it allows you to really load yourself in squats. Everything on set and execution is like any other squat, but I will use a few different variations of it to help you develop your squat. There are two different sets, one of which is Farmer's Squat and the Landmine Squat (or whatever you prefer).

Stick to the most important moves of squats and deadlifts to strengthen your lower half and become a more explosive athlete.

If you have big problems with body weight, the four-point cast - squat is a nice way - is a challenge, but if that proves too difficult, your best bet is to master it. If you can squat with a weighted barbell and stick to it, switch to the rear weight bench, which is superior to those who cannot for some reason.

Standing wire pull - Feedthroughs require no more than a rope machine and are ideal for strengthening the rear chain without placing too much strain on the lower back. As you can see, there are a number of fantastic exercises for the lower body that can be done with rope machines.

By using rope pulls in the grip at the same time as the squat stand, you create a great balance between the use of the upper and lower body. Read on to make sure you don't miss all the amazing exercises we can do with the cables and devices with your legs!

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