This particular Crop Circle translation done from Metatron of Magnetic Forces, Magnetic Services through our own Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer and Crop Circle translator, Suzanna Maria really has a significant message for communicating with those we wish to encourage to get Activated through Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (whose website is, ).

Because we live in a world that says, “If we cannot see, touch or feel it, it does not exist,” digesting what has become ‘normal to the Activated, or those who are seeking to be’ is really ‘not’ possible. Metatron explains in this video how we as a human race have been deeply ‘programmed’ by Thoth (with his other buddies of the darkness) to block our Activations to the love and Light (or representatives,) “THE THREE YELLOW LINES IN EACH FEATHER: These are mirrors to create strength within Thoth’s dimensions. He created the dimensions for the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT connections. When THOTH had all three, he could control all beings in his dimensions. This was his POWER,” as Metatron explains here and as follows:

* At this point, I show the eyes again, as they show how hollow Thoth is, but able to control people upon your plane and beings in his universes, and control thoughts within people as to what to do next. Thoth was a master mind player, and he used hypnotic frequencies with his feather like antennae as to control all thoughts of your people on your planet.”
Back to my point, if this is truth (and I am accepting it as such because I went to be Activated in June 2018 and saw, heard for myself) then we should not write off those who are choosing not to believe in what our dear Caeayaron The Great Mountain of Light is sharing through our beloved Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Light Grid Programmer. Rather, instead of saying they are just emulating their past resistance from turning away from Divine Love in Lemuria we should be ‘showing, exhibiting, the great love we now are striving for after becoming Activated with hopes of ‘sharing’ that love with those who really are not free from the world’s mind control at this time. We need to exhibit how Divine Love has changed our perspective, and proclaim the blessings we have received after trusting in a Higher Power that was kept from us for a very long, long, time.

Another video of Caeayaron’s teachings mentioned that if we are told a lie that stays consistent with many false witnesses and continues for our lifetime, after lifetime we start to believe in the lie because there was not another ‘side’ strongly prevalent to showing another truth. This was unfair for those trying to make the right choice at this time, so we, as they need to have a ‘calling’ by the Great Mountain of Light Caeayaron that is embedded in our hearts so they we can move forward with an inner ‘knowing’ this is the way to go. Fortunately, Caeayaron the Great Mountain of Light has his own ‘timing’ to call each of us, so we need not be concerned if they do not see things ‘our way.’

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As of June 24, 2018 I have been Activated (a type of attunement) to be a Sacred World Healer, Universal Love Teacher, and Magnetically Attuned Healer of Caeayaron. I now use only the Angelic frequencies healing energy modality of Caeayaron the Highest Arch Angel, who speaks through (with Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great) their Messenger/Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Universal Light Grid Programmer of Divine Love Element. AKA: former Jesus Christ! This is the time of the great prophesy where we need to make a choice to be in the love and light, or remain in the fear, pain, anger, and darkness of this world as it is now that will only grow darker. What will you choose? You can reach me at this site when you comment and I will email you back. Namaste, Risa