This is in response to a letter from a college asking for monetary ‘help’ for the Native American people that the President of that college is in charge of. As a Star Sacred World Healer, Universal Love Teacher, and Magnetically Attuned Healer by the Great Mountain of Light, Caeayaron I prefer to address the potential of those you are seeking assistance for, rather than the lack of. You can view this video that explains this at,

You see we are now in the actual prophetic time that our ancestors have foretold in regard to walking the red road (that is in the love and Light of Divine), or not. Whatever previous choices mankind made in the past eras where everything had been lost and destroyed has now come to the final test. This test has been a great game where the darkness has overcome the Light and Love many times and rules this Mother Earth plane now. Although, the game has been won now by the Light and Love (that Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great (I AM) and the Great Mountain of Light Caeayaron are revealing to all) the darkness still is fighting to keep suffering, lack, disease, disaster, poverty, ignorance, war, deceit, and death alive.

Please keep reading my message because it is vital for the eternal lives of all your people, and the whole world! The Elders of many Native American Nations are aware of this time (a hint was the birth of the White Buffalo) that is at the time of when the Great Mountain of Light Caeayaron had been released, and returned with Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great who both speak through their only designated Channel/Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel with title of, “Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer,” AKA: former Jesus Christ.

I implore you to research this revelation by looking at the hundreds of free channeled messages of those I just mentioned either on the Library button of their website, or on YouTube via the full name, “Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.” Those that are being called by the Great Mountain of Light (who is the Highest Arch Angel of Love, and Divine Love Judge) need to know about this time of ‘awakening’ because the greatest blessings come to those who go to Driffield, England to become Activated with the Great Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel before the year 2020, with the love gates closing in the year 2032 (if not before.) Believe it or not, but at that time the Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel will leave this world and take ALL the love with her to the Higher Spaces. Those that are ‘left behind’ will fall down deeper into the pit of wo where no love will exist, and be under the leader of this world that is Lucifer. They will be at his mercy, where there will be no mercy forever!

Given that there is severe lack of funds for the people you are advocating for, they will need to ask in prayer for a way through the Great Mountain of Light, Caeayaron. It will be provided (even if they have to wait for the millions to become Activated, which will allow Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to travel to other countries.) There will have to be an abundance of people ‘wanting’ to be Activated before she (and her family she will be bringing) will come.

I became Activated (a type of Angelic Attunement) in June 2018, and will tell you this is real! I have used the new Angelic healing frequencies on people, animals, and I am even a land healer with great results! Imagine, you seeing me holding a great white, upright feather now, and please do not delay.

With much love and Light,

Risa Vendittuoli, Star Sacred World Healer, Universal Love Teacher, and Magnetically Attuned Healer by the Great Mountain of Light, Caeayaron

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Since June 2018 I have become what is called, "Activated by Caeayaron" who is the Highest Arch Angel with Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. Both Higher Beings speak through their only designated messenger or channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on their website with hundreds of free videos at: or on YouTube under Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's name. The Angelic flows I received during that time have enabled me to become a Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Healer by Caeayaron, and a Universal Love Teacher who is qualified to teach a 7 week course (in person only)on Spirituality to get 'acquainted' with what it means to receive Angelic flows frequencies given by the Great Caeayaron and his only channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the Divine Love Element and Universal Light Grid Programmer AKA: former Jesus Christ! This is the time of the great awakening where Caeayaron, Great Mountain of Light reveals the truth about our human history and the need to make a choice for love or not.

You can reach me for a healing using Caeayaron's Angelic flows through this site when leaving comments and I will email you back!