Let us start by identifying just who is the Great Father, okay?
He is the Creator or the Great I AM that has been hidden away.

You may wonder at this statement as to who hid who in disguise.
The answer is the god of this world is not the Great Father in the skies.

That tiny entity acts like the Coo Coo bird by putting his eggs in another nest!
He steals others life force energy that is pure light, and should be under arrest.

Out of envy he abused the sacred trust he was given to guard the people, too.
This one corroborated with the darkest force, and has a nick name for a clue.

Lucy-Soul-Sucker is the name as he was not of the Light and love, but ate it instead.
This is what the Star Beings say because of what he did that made souls dead.

The people of this world have been fooled to think he was their god, you see.
Truth is being revealed by the Great Caeayaron unveiling Lucifer to you, and me.

Caeayaron is the Great Mountain of Light, and the Highest Arch Angel of love.
He was created to be the Magnetic Force, and the Great Aligner from heaven above.

There is a holy hierarchy in the heavenly spaces so that I AM could further create.
The Great Father took a piece of himself who is, “Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great.”

That magnificent power from Divine Love Consciousness is too huge to touch.
Creation would explode from that mighty power (that is filled with energy so much!)

Thus, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great contains part of himself, also, in Caeayaron.
All three Divine Beings are from the same Source of love and Light to reflect upon.

Now, even the Great Caeayaron cannot reach creation without an explosion, you see.
That is why he created the Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to be.

What is special about her, you may want to really investigate through her videos, too.
Her Higher Being is the only one able to climb from Earth to heaven, and back through!

One of her and Caeayaron’s videos Ammorah Pleiadian High Priestess gives warning.
It is found on their website, www.Caeayaron.com with a special title update to bring.

“13th Gateway And Update For Earth” is the title explaining the Universal Clock.
Once we have completed 2032, (preferably 2020) it will stop loves’ chances, tick tock.

Ammorah advises us to protect our energies by asking the Higher Arch Angels to do so.
The darkness has ways of eating our energy, and that is something you must know!

The Pleiadian Star Beings of love are protecting our Earth while the clock can click.
They are a strong force of love that watches over Suzanna Maria Emmanuel in the thick.

All our previous lives’ memories have been taken by the darkness, put in a cave of wo.
That is why the Great Father has sent Caeayaron with Activations to tell you so.

While they patiently wait for us to choose the love and Light, or not is paramount.
Get yourself Activated in Driffield, England soon to avoid being left in pain and want!

Author's Bio: 

As an Activated Universal Love Teacher, Sacred World Healer, and Magnetically Attuned healer by Caeayaron I am sharing what the state of world is now, and need for protection while we make the choice of either staying in this dark world that is only going to become greater in pain, suffering, lack, aging, wars, diseases, and death or to choose for the love and Light offered by our Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, and the Great Mountain of Light Caeayaron who speaks through their only designated messenger/channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the Divine Love Element and Universal Light Grid Programmer AKA: former Jesus Christ. Their hundreds of free videos reveal the truth about our human history at: www.Caeayaron.com You can reach myself through this site by leaving a comment and I will email you back. Namaste! Risa