Before specialty gases are used in any manufacturing process or in a lab, a calibration gas is first used. These gaseous substances are gasses whose concentration is known. They are used as a standard of comparison in analytical instrumentation. The accuracy of the substance, the concentration, its consistency and its purity are all noted during the test run. These noted points are then set as standards against which the real system is measured. A series of several different test substances are used to simulate the working of the system before the actual gaseous substances are applied. There are companies that manufacture many types of these gases that can be used to set standards in the industry. These are used in a variety of applications in different fields such as in labs, universities, research and development, and for industrial analysis. These substances are crucial to the applications they are used in and are hence manufactured using precise, accurate, and state of the art tools and equipment.

Precise manufacturing

When these calibration gas standards are being manufactured, each and every step of the whole process must be carefully watched, analyzed, and documented. The precise manufacturing of these substances involves a series of important steps. First of all the raw material chemical is checked to determine its level of purity. Then it is analyzed to determine the phase behavior. After this the components involved are precisely mixed and blended. Finally the entire mixture is analyzed to determine the final product. Using the latest computer technology the initial components are tested to check for any problems they may create.

Vast experience

There are companies that have more than thirty years of experience in making specialty gases and calibration gases. They have developed successful methods and procedures that ensure the production of high quality substances that meet the purity levels desired by the users. During the process of manufacturing each component of the final product goes through a minimum of seven stages that are pre defined. The results and observations of each of the stages is carefully monitored, documented, and compared with industry standards and quality control measures.

Service and support

The companies that have many years of experience are leaders in this particular field. They have been able to achieve so much success only due to their quality products and excellent service. They know that in order to retain clients and to expand their business they have to provide world class service and support. They have the top experts in the industry who will be able to help you with your needs that relate to calibration gases. They use only the highest grade of equipment to manufacture these substances and offer excellent customer service which enables them to grow in this highly competitive field.

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