A California registered agent is a third-party organization appointed by a business for the sole purpose of accepting legal correspondence and official notices. The California corporate agent service that you choose must have a physical street address in the state called a registered office, where service of process can be served during regular business hours. California state law requires every business entity to appoint a registered agent when forming or registering a business.

Why Should You Hire a Registered Corporate Agent in California?

Your registered agent in California is your company’s appointee to accept and receive documents in legal matters or service of process. In the event that your business is sued, a sheriff or process server will hand-deliver the service of process or notice of lawsuit to your registered agent and receive the agent’s signature of receipt.

Typically, legal documents delivered to your registered agent in California are delivered personally to your registered agent at the street address provided, a signature is required upon delivery, and are very time-sensitive. It is the responsibility of your registered agent in California to be available during normal business hours to reliably receive documents and forward them to your appropriate company personnel.

Benefits of a Corporate Agent Service in California

Failure to have an appropriate registered agent in California may result in legal issues for your business in addition to possible fines and penalties. The state of California may also revoke your corporate standing if your registered agent failed to meet and follow all statutory state requirements.

* Why You Need California Corporate Agent Service

* If you own a web-based business or your don’t have a physical presence in California, you would need an agent of process located inside state lines.

* If your business doesn’t keep regular business hours, it is important to hire a registered agent to be able to receive notices and services of process in a timely fashion.

* If you prefer to have privacy and don’t want your home or business address listed on public records as point of contact, a registered will provide the privacy that you need.

* A registered agent can track important paperwork for you so you won’t have the added responsibility of tracking mail and notices from the state.

Registered Agent Service in California: How it Works

This is how the entire registered agent service in California works:

1. Inform the California Secretary of State the name of your business’ registered agent to have your registered agent’s name and address listed in their public records.

2. Anyone who wants to send your business an official, legal document just needs to look for your registered agent’s address on the public record. Your registered agent will then accept the process servers, sign the receipt for your documents, and locally scans your time-sensitive deliveries to your company’s authorized personnel.

3. Normally, you will receive a notification of the delivery of the legal documents and correspondence. Even if you’re out of the office, you can still rest assure that your service of process will be delivered on a timely manner.

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