In a small business, telecommunications is one of the biggest expenses, and it must be accounted for if you do not want your business to run into a loss. Making calls is important in business, but it costs money to the business. The greater number of calls made, the bigger the bill at the end of the month. With a call accounting system in place, you can capture and record your telephone usage, conduct data analysis and real-time reporting and monitor why, when and for how long were calls made and received.

A call accounting system helps you track the origin and duration of a call as well as help you to separate professional and personal calls. Identifying the pattern of phone usage helps you save operational costs in your business.

Having a call accounting solution in place goes a long way in benefiting your organizations in the following ways:

Complete transparency – Call accounting solution provides information on the type, duration, origin of the calls, the numbers dialed, calls missed and more. The reports generated and further analyzed by authorities to provide them with a clear and transparent picture of the communication costs.

Improve employee productivity - Call accounting system makes the employees feel responsible towards the company’s growth, hence, they communicate more effectively and improve their work ethics. With the knowledge on when and from where are the calls coming in and their average duration, you can create communication management strategies. Productivity is boosted by reducing or cutting of non-business calls. The efficiency of the sales and customer service teams can be calculated by looking at the phone activity metrics and calling patterns.

Reduction in operational costs and an increase in revenues - Analyzing the reports provided by call accounting solutions can redirect the expenses to a certain department or even an individual. By simply highlighting abuse and misuse of calls by employees, call accounting solution can reduce telecommunications cost to up to 40%. Spotting billing errors and a boost to the productivity and efficiency of the workforce are key reasons behind investing in call accounting systems.

Identify and prevent security threats - Fraudulent, malicious and suspicious activities will continue to take place if the authorities are not alert. Apart from helping managers in tracking and reporting telecommunication expenses, call accounting systems can protect your company from internal and external security breaches. It shows network attacks and intrusions by pointing out any activity that deviated from normal usage. Call accounting helps to monitor sales, corporate accounting and financial performance as well.

If authorities are well versed with how their telecommunications system is being used, they will be better in charge of how the phones are used and how the system is to be kept in check. Small businesses are at a profit as they can use call accounting to check if their data packages are being over utilized, underutilized or efficiently utilized. The hospitality industry can also use call accounting systems to resell phone services to customers.

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