Struggling business springing back to success is a rare event in today’s tough and competitive marketplace. However, businesses witnessed such turnarounds. Companies like General Motors in auto manufacturing and Dell in technologies are two examples.

The year 2020 is challenging for businesses. Some businesses may even require a lifeline for smooth sailing. Executives were compelled to adjust their marketing budget while adapting to distant teams, while small businesses took a hit with less than 20% revenue since the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, there were some opportunities too. For self-growth and improvement, a business can depend on call analytics and calls.

Phone Calls Back on Track

The year 2020 witnessed a massive shift in almost everything. Consumers started browsing more and online shopping became the norm. Besides, there is a dramatic flow of people valuing phone calls. The trend of phone calls shows that it is moving upwards, with AT&T and Verizon claiming that their voice calls increased by up to one-third since the beginning of the pandemic.

Several industries made necessary and successful pivots focusing on phone calls that allowed people to connect easily. For instance, telehealth is a boon in these testing times. It allows patients to receive medical advice and reduce healthcare expenses while limiting the necessity to leave your home.
In this extraordinarily stressful year, a popular means of one-to-one connection is phone calls.

Calls Conversion

Phone calls deliver results as it provides a simple yet reliable way to interact personally. Because of the unique challenges in 2020, people crave connection. Conversation with an agent is more fruitful than a bot. It is a proven fact that phone call leads convert more than leads from any other channel.

As such, phone calls are not just incredibly valuable to businesses, but it also provides an opportunity and better insight.

According to the analysis of Harvard Business Review it was stated that phone conversations are quite similar to an untapped sources of insight when compared particularly with categories such as finance, telecoms as well a healthcare.
Calls could add value to covert and open new ways to insights using call analytics from data sourced from first-party inbound calls.

For Business Growth

Companies receiving call leads can redouble the efforts in 2020 to drive more phone calls. They can further optimize the call campaigns and achieve greater return on investment. An increasing number of calls lay the foundation for businesses struggling to contact customers through an increased volume of calls. Businesses can also achieve this by knowing more about acknowledged calls and leveraging call data.

Call attribution is important to businesses as it gives a clear picture of marketing efforts driving calls through active call tracking using multiple numbers for tracking inbound calls.

Call data may include insights on the caller’s location when they make a call and the duration of the call. Data attributed and combined with call analytics becomes a potential source for businesses to improve their marketing and sales.

Business looking to apply call analytics should find an inbound call tracking software with basic functionalities, analytics, and tools such as filter analyzer and predictive modeling. The major differentiating factor among tracking platforms is robust functionality.

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