Communication is a basic need for all organizations and the call center software is really important. The call center solution helps businesses to take care of inbound and outbound calling more efficiently. It also allows organizations to keep records of calls and provides well-formatted and easy to understand reports. This helps in analyzing data and takes benefit of the power of data. The call center software can be used by call centers, IT companies, insurance agencies and all different types of organizations. There are different types of call center solutions available in the market and it is necessary to know about the top types of call center software so you can choose the best one. In this article, you will learn about the top 3 types of call center solutions.

1. Call Center Software

This type of call center solution is in the market for many years. It supports voice calls. It supports different type of call routing rules such as round-robin call routing, advanced call distribution, etc. It supports basic to advanced dialers such as an autodialer, manual dialer, etc. The call center software also offers features like a whisper, barge-in, call forwarding, callback, call transfer, conference call, etc. It provides different features to support inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

2. Intelligent Call Center Software

This type of call center solutions is making buzz these days. The intelligent call center software comes with a complete range of features available in the traditional call center solution. Moreover, it offers a wider range of features that make use of advanced and smart technologies. Some of the advanced features available in intelligent call center software are predictive dialer, preview dialer, Soundboard Avatar, etc. The intelligent call center software also provides a wider range of reports on various criteria to benefit the organizations. It also includes only voice calling.

3. Omnichannel Call Center Software

The omnichannel call center solution can be traditional and simple call center software or an intelligent call center software. It can be categorized based on the features it provides to its users. The added feature available in an omnichannel call center solution is support for multiple communication channels. Along with the voice calling, it also supports video calling, SMS, email, fax and chat as communication channels. Of course, the reports available in the omnichannel call center software are more than other types of call center solutions. The omnichannel call center software is also known as a contact center solution. One can get two or more types of channels for communication.


Each type of call center software has its own pros and cons. Based on the calling operations needed in the organization, one can get the call center solution. The use of call center software provides a wide array of benefits to the organizations that use it. Some of the benefits are increased productivity, automation, saved resources, time and money and increased returns over investment. These days, every other organization uses the call center software. By keeping future in mind, the intelligent call center software is more in demand and use these days.

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