Whether you are running a customer support department or having a full fledged call center business, you must have advanced call center software for assured success of your business. You might be using one of two available options of contact center solutions which are listed below:

1.Custom / 3rd party call center software such as Dialshree
2.Open source call center solution such as VICIDial

Regardless of the fact which contact center solution you are using, there are some features that your call center must have. Wondering, which features? Let me share the top features that your call center software must have:

Whisper / Barge-in / Conference

These are three different features and you need all three of them to assure the best customer service. The Barge-in feature allows you to listen to the communication of your agents without their acknowledgment. The whisper feature will let you coach your agent during the live call about the possible good response to the caller without acknowledgment of the caller. The conference feature allows your supervisors to have a conference call with your agent and caller so the caller can get required solution and can experience the professional hierarchy.

Advanced call routing rules

Generally, the call center solutions have certain pre-defined call routing rules. However, the call center solution must have multiple call routing rules. Some of the most important call routing rules are listed and briefed below:

• Skill based call routing
The call is routed to the agent who has the most skills to resolve the caller’s query at the least possible time.

• Sticky agent
The call is routed to the same agent who handled this client’s call last time.

• Smallest wrap up time
The call is routed to the agent who has least call wrap up time on an average.

• Long time idle agent

The call is routed to the agent who hasn’t attended any call for a long time. Here, the idle time can be in seconds or minutes.

• Advanced call distribution

The custom call routing rule can be programmed based on the working environment and call flow in your company. The advanced call distribution can be a great custom call routing features, which can help you to create a hybrid call routing feature.

Live Call View

This can be a great feature to assure the best performance of all your agents as well as of your business. The live call view will give reliable and solid data which can be used to assure the productivity of the agents as well as to take certain decisions based on the call flow and campaign performance. The supervisors and C-level executives must be furnished with the LCV (Live Call View).

These are the must have features in your call center software. There are also some more important features such as dialers, reports, dashboard, etc., which you contact center solution must have. The advanced features in the call center software will assure great performance of your agent and boosted business. If your contact center solution doesn’t have these features, you must get help of a VoIP expert to get these features in your call center solution.

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David is working in the best VoIP company that offers call center software with all advanced features as well as VICIDial customization solutions to benefit customers that are looking for customization in the VICIDial solution.