Communication is a basic need of each small to big sized businesses and enterprises. The call center solution is one of the best solutions to address the communication related concerns. The best option is to opt for the SIP based call center solution. The reason is, it uses the VoIP technology to provide the call related features, which makes the calling very much cheap compared to the traditional calling options. In fact, it also offers some advanced features, which cannot be available in the traditional communication mediums. Let's explore a few such features in brief with its possible business benefits:

Multilevel Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

This can benefit both internal and external communication. For instance, if an employee has some HR or Payroll related query, he can use the IVR system to get the answer of his query anytime, from anywhere. This makes sure to answer the personalized staff query without occupying other resources, in this case the HR executive. If someone calls from outside of the enterprise, he can use the IVRS to get the answer or to reach the right person on right time.


The solution can be used by the supervisors to help the subordinates during client calls. It ensure that the client doesn't get to know that the executive is getting guidance from someone else.


This is useful for the supervisor to check how the team is responding to the clients and other staff members. This will not only help to supervise and monitoring, but also to enhance the client satisfaction and working environment.

Configurable Scripts

Many organizations have the trainees or less experienced executives. It is very important that they respond properly, specifically to the clients, prospects and other business entities, who are calling into the company as it can make or break the company as a “Brand”. Let's have an example, someone calls to check for the current vacancies at the company. If the executive talks rudely, then it may create a Brand ruining impact in this digital world. Likewise, each small to big call must be addressed wisely. The configurable scripts guide the trainees and junior staff, how and what they are suppose to responds?

CRM Integration

This is a very important feature to support the sales team. The call center software get integrated with the CRM so the sales executives can be aware of the client history and preferences. Thus, the client inquiry can be addressed with a personalized approach. This feature works as a boon in the big enterprises. For instance, in the big enterprises, the staff is massive so it is difficult to remember each and everyone from each department or branch. In such case, the CRM integration works as a gift. It can give the basic information of the caller employee.

Real-time and Advanced Reporting

The call center solution comes with the detailed reporting features as well as live call views. This allows the management to keep check on the different live calls. Also, it provides the call reports with details. Thus, the monitoring and screening can be effective.

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