Life at call center is always fun for most of the calling agents. But in certain cases it is natural that customers tend to talk in a rough tone that not only make you sick but also act as a factor that gives birth to the communication breakdown process. There are several other factors that contribute to develop stress in the entire working process of an inbound call center. In most of the international call centers, the stress initiates from manic behavior (also racism) or rudeness during a conversation.

It has become a very common process of the outsourcing call center industry and seen that a major part of the attrition rate is influenced with it. Normally, stress can take place in the form of reactions that can include tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, and a variety of related symptoms like:

Faster heartbeat



Poor judgment


Inability to relax

Negative thinking

Memory problems, etc.

There is always a common question. How to handle physical strain on a daily basis? Here are few tips and suggestions that can help a contact center agent to reduce their stress level in an effective manner.

Smiling- Smiling is one of the finest remedy that keeps you relaxed in any working environment. Handling bulk calls in phone answering services of a BPO can easily give rise to stress and in that manner, it is advisable that a person keeps himself busy in social activities that relax their mind. In addition, enjoying the best hobby is a good alternative to kill stress.

Forget the Bad Comments/Arguments - In a call center industry, a customer agent needs to handle diverse customers that vary in their psychology. During certain situation, a customer can become rude because of low quality service or any discrepancy. Therefore, it becomes very natural for them to act manic with the calling agents. Stress can easily develop in this aspect. Avoid these situations simply by sharing it with your seniors or simply 'IGNORE.'

In addition argument can also take place in the same situation. Try to stay calm and listen to the customer. Once the customer finish talking, console him/her by saying that the problem would be resolved on urgent basis.

Understanding the Root Cause - Always listen to the customer prominently and find out the cause for which he/she is behaving abnormally. Discuss with the team leaders and find appropriate solutions to help them. One best technique is by asking questions and allows the customers to send the problems via. Chat, e-mail or SMS.

Meditation – This is an effective technique to keep you calm and focused. This Indian Yoga technique is also a great success in the call centers to reduce the massive stress that is created with excessive overwork. Yoga is also a great medicine to kill physical stress.

These are some of the effective methods that can help you to kill the stress level that can generally occur in the call center industry.

Author's Bio: 

Maria Richards is one of the lead researchers associated with Call Centers India, delving into the realm of inbound call centers and outsourcing call center services to help them serve you better.She is working as a Sr. Marketing Manager and responsible for the handling of Offshore inbound call center.