Selecting the employees for a given post in a company is one of the toughest tasks for recruiting managers. The entire process requires thorough research and gruelling before zeroing down on a candidate for a particular post in any organization.


There are various parameters on which a hiring manager should judge a candidate while selecting her or him for a job role:


It is one of the pre-requisites while choosing the best talent. If a person lacks competence, then they are certainly not suitable for a job role despite the required qualification or degree that they possess. One can test the competence of a candidate by taking their examination that is pertinent to a job role or the same can be tested during an interview.


A committed and sincere employee is what every company looks for. Each and every organization wants dedicated resources that can add value to their functioning and further the growth. Plus, a committed employee is the one that will help the company sail through the tough times as well and will not leave it during the time of crisis.


Skill-set is yet another parameter that cannot be overlooked or ignored while choosing the best talent for the company. Say for example a company has vacancies in the Information and Technology department then such job openings are best suited to those who have an IT background. Engineers in IT or Computer Science graduates are the best-skilled people for such job roles.


There are certain job roles that require experienced people only. Such vacancies need to be filled by people who have experience in a particular field. A fresher cannot take up such job roles that require experience and knowledge of actual working and functioning.


A recruiter can announce the job vacancy by various channels. Though the internet has strengthened its roots and everybody is going gaga over online portals but the role of conventional channels has also not diminished. Newspapers, in particular, are still holding a vital position in the world of marketing and promotion despite the arrival of a viral mode of communication. Newspaper advertising is one of the popular and conventional ways of promotion. Individual as well commercial advertisers seek ad space in national dailies, regional news journals, community newspapers, etc. on a regular basis. They publish adverts under various categories viz. Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Property, Public notice, Tender Notice, etc. Amongst these categories of ad posts is recruitment advertisement that is published by companies on a regular basis. Recruitment Ads in Newspaper help in finding the best talent as many people rely heavily on job posts published in the newspapers. This scenario is more prevalent in tier two and three cities. Community newspapers and regional papers, in particular, attract skilled people through Vacancy Ad in Newspaper. Also, areas, where internet is yet to strengthen its roots, witness great response via newspaper posts.

One of the easiest ways to reserve ad slot in a newspaper is via online method. Recruitment newspaper ad booking online can be done to save time and energy and for instant bookings. It is an efficient and hassle-free method that can provide ad space in your desired newspaper without having you to run a marathon to the nearby newspaper office.

So, go ahead and draft the best job advert that you can so that suitable people come rushing to your interview venue!

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