I was reading an article about Kobe, Japan and came across a very telling report which gives an incite in to the dangerous territory we are going as a species. I do not think this attitude is limited to Kobe or Japan, but rather is global. The point of this article is to ask; are you helping the world, or part of the problem?

The following sections of the article on Kobe** basically say it is wrong that women should stay at home and raise their own children.

“...much remains to be done in Kobe and in Japan overall.” i.e., things are wrong and must change.

“...the employment trajectory by age shows radical differences between men and women. At ages 20-24 about 70 percent of both males and females are employed. By ages 25-29, however, male employment jumps to over 90 percent, while female employment falls to less than 40 percent. Female employment ratios rise again to about 50 percent for the population 40-50”

Of course female employment will drop at the age that most women are having children so they can stay at home and raise their children. When the kids are old enough, the women return to work. The statistics only prove that women have the freedom to work, but if they choose to have children, they also choose to accept the responsibility of raising them. When that job is done, they return back to the workforce.

I have to ask, what is wrong with this? Women insist on equality with men and the freedom to work their whole life, while hiring a nanny or putting their infants in day care, leaving their children to be raised during the most delicate formative years by other people.

Yet, many of these women will most likely be seeing a therapist to deal with abandonment issues stemming from childhood or complaining about how hard it is to find an emotionally balanced man. How can the people who support these statistics as improper and in need of change not also see the immense number of people who are suffering emotionally as young and mature adults due to the lack of parental contact while growing up.

A child needs its mother, even more than its father, to develop into a secure and emotionally balanced adult. We can see the vast numbers of people who do not have that emotional stability. However, I have found in countries like Panama for instance, where I am living now, the people are very self-confident and comfortable with themselves. People from cultures such as in Latin America where the mother stays at home and raises the children, do not suffer nearly as much from the weak or fearful characteristics of Americans and other western countries.

We cannot deny nature. Changing how people live and what a woman does is not going to improve our life and world when those changes go against the laws of nature. Humans are probably the weakest species on the planet when it comes to how long it takes for us to become self sufficient. By denying a child its need of a mother during those years, that child will unquestionably develop emotional issues.

If you are dealing with emotional issues such as fear of commitment, attachment, low self-esteem, fear of involvement or approaching people, among many other issues, I ask you to consider one thing; In your search for the cause and cure of your condition, are you considering if you are working towards the eradication of this disease, or its propagation.

** http://www.auick.org/database/ids/ids02/Kobe.pdf

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