Call to Success
The caller from the Mosque calls people to come for prayer, to come to success.

Source of Success
A great number of people, however, do not come because they want to come to success in their work, thinking that it is their presence in their business that provides them with success.

Fools’ Paradise
How foolish if they think that success comes to them other than by the blessings of God!

The Right Path
If they were to leave their business and listen to the call of God via the caller from the Mosque their success in business would not suffer but would increase.

Real Faith
Little faith it is that they have in God, thinking that anyone other than God gives them success!

How to Pray
At least come to prayer wherever you are but come. Remember the timings of prayer and observe them. And if you cannot hear the caller because you are too far away from the house of God bow down with those of the house where you are.

Garnering Blessings
If you perform a prayer as prescribed, the blessings of God come to you in all that you do.

Good Multiplies Good
If you set out to do good work, success will come to you because of the blessings of God that are on you due to you having responded to the call of the caller of the House of God.

Golden Hours, Golden Bliss
The early morning call for prayer is a call to get up and begin your day with the blessing of God. Morning hours are golden hours, for prayer and for work.

Silver-lining Blessings
Sometimes a business not happening is a blessing in disguise, as it may save you from loss you were unaware of.

True Work
It does not mean that prayer alone without striving with all that you have got is the way to go. You have got to do both to come to success.

Message of God
God has said man can only have what he strives for, so strive for good business. Do not be lazy, thinking it is enough to pray and do but little striving. God is with those who are striving for the things they wish for themselves.

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