You can compare being successful with playing a game. Let's take a football game—whether American-style or soccer-style, it doesn't really matter. You know, that's a game where you have to be good to compete at the higher levels, and where you take it seriously.

And you know, the interesting thing about it is that the rewards we talk about for the winners are huge. The paybacks to the participants who don't win are really rather paltry, so you need to want to be on the winner's side. The same thing is true when you go and play Monopoly. It seems like certain people usually get the hotels.

You want to be on the winner's side. And another interesting thing is, you cannot play any game without the risk of loss. It's inherent, so you must risk loss. Interestingly though, usually as you've heard the saying, a battle does not the war make.

In other words, not every single promotion you do is going to work like gangbusters. When it comes to your love life, not every single person that you ask out is going to accept.

But the average is, if you stay after it, if you stay focused, if you know exactly what you're going for and why, if you're determined to get it, knowing that you will because of what you do… Well, a few upsets - I call that the ups and downs of life.

Call them the “gusts of the single day”. Hey, look at any stock chart or any future options, commodities, or currency charts. It's full of lines going up and down all the time.

Your human experience will not be different, but you can be bullish if you direct it that way, and that's what I wish for you. Be bullish on your career; be bullish on your success. As you are, you're doing the right things the right way the right day—now! It always comes down to action!

Not every “day” or every event or promotion will be a winner, but you are the one who can make sure the trend is moving upward.

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