A popular new direction that is rising in Singapore over the last 5 years is medical aesthetics. Plastic surgeries were once seen as final resorts for girls overly insecure about their own appearances, or as a means of expression for the madly narcissistic. With the growing acceptance alongside the sincere transparency of medical aesthetic treatments in traditional cultures, modern studies tell us a slowly growing acceptance for plastic surgery in Singapore. At the same time, advances in medical science and procedures in scientific beauty have added to the rise of what came to be recognised as fuss-free treatments --  where females could do a medical aesthetic treatment to better or upkeep their looks, and still can return to other daily engagements immediately after. The nation state’s doctors and aesthetic landscape are quickly catching up with Korea - the mecca of cosmetic enhancements.


Rejuran Skin Treatment

A groundbreaking treatment pioneer created in Korea, Rejuran is a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment used to treat the toils of growing older and improve the condition of skin. Hailing from South Korea, Rejuran is a significant procedure that has amazing outcomes on an individual’s skin. Rejuran contains a chemical admixture known as PDRN. It is said to give great benefits and countless specialists swear by it. Rejuran has the minor drawback of causing your skin to look quite red for about 7 days and is available at Cambridge Medical Group. Patients preparing for a Rejuran procedure should plan ahead for critical events. Rejuran is most often priced between $800 to $1,200 for an entire syringe, with clinics often portion out treatments so they may entice customers with a lower listed price.

Watch the Rejuran video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMiSKyCNgF0&feature=emb_logo


Pico lasers

PICO lasers are presently regarded as among the most highly searched for aesthetic phrases on the internet. It is not uncommon for picosecond lasers used in the removal of tattoos  and other types of pigmentation, but the wide applicability of picosecond lasers have also appeared in various different types of treatments, such as skin tightening. In Singapore, picolasers are most frequently requested to remove freckles and tattoos.


When undergoing a picolaser pigmentation removal, shots of laser energy are directed at the clusters of pigments within the skin. The power of laser energy smashes the pigment cells into tinier fragments. The smashed bits of the pigmentation are then removed naturally as part of the body's immune response, effectively removing the collection of pigments. As the shots of laser energies are only billionths of a second long, the chance of the surrounding tissue to sustain damage is very low. Picolaser treatments will not require more than an hour of your lunchtime. Slight redness may be felt at the place of treatment and can appear for a couple of hours.  Outlay for a pico laser treatment may cost; taking several considerations such as size of the targeted area, from $300-$1200 every session.


Remove Pigmentation

Pigmentation in skin is a prevalent ailment where you may notice darker spots because of clusters of pigment cells in the skin layer. Yet another potential major cause for the proliferation of additional pigmented spots may also be due to prolonged contact with ultraviolet (UV) radiation or sunlight. As such, the frequent spots for pigment symptoms to develop at, most easily happen at the most visible areas – the face, forehead, cheeks and nose. There is no panacea for every pigmentation condition out there. Only a licensed dermatologist or doctor to accurately tell the trigger to the condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment in every differently manifested set of manifestations of pigmentation symptoms. Less common factors must also be kept in mind, apart from sunlight exposure To make matters worse, there are a minimum of five types of commonly seen pigmentation problems, each with their own causes and different optimal removal methods.


Pertaining to optimal pigmentation removal, the medical practitioner must, as a start, precisely tell the type of the pigment collection ahead of executing the recommended treatment or procedure. It is folly to blindly treat pigmentation issues. It happens more commonly than you think, but it is highly likely for various pigmentation types to be misdiagnosed as another condition owing to the similarity in the look between certain types of pigmentation manifestations. Records show evidence of a number events of the issue worsening from administration of the wrong treatment.Treatment procedures for pigmentation generally are a combination of the following types of treatment and approximate potential outlay(s) are disclosed as below: UV Block Cost: $40-$130, Lasers Cost: 270-$1050, Chemical Peels Cost: $300 upwards, Creams Cost: $65-$170.


Acne Scar Removal

One person can even exhibit a number of differing types of scars, and each different type  comes with its own optimal treatment method. "Acne scars" -- an unassuming term to specify a situation that frustrates a humungous amount of the worldwide population, acne scars are persistant places of where the skin sinks or raised scarred areas in the skin, commonly seen after an bout of acne.Additionally, the complexity of variables considered during the  treatment is compounded because every patient's skin contains individual conditions apparent only upon close observation that could potentially derail the intended outcome of the treatment procedures. There are several different types of acne scars and it requires a highly experienced dermatologist to determine how these scars can be treated.


Several  procedures have been designed for the alleviation of scars from acne, but there is no cure-all that can completely treat all  types of scars. Many seasoned skin specialist use a selection of a number of aesthetic treatments to treat acne scars. Seek  a few assessments from dependable aesthetic clinics or hospitals and compare the treatment plan from each doctor. Some aesthetic physicians or clinics that choose more gradual treatment strategies which consist of topicalcreams and plasma, while others may use methods with a faster outcomes and go directly for intense laser therapies. Acne scars are most difficult to heal fully. Expect to pay approximately $3,100 and upwards for a complete plan for acne scarring removal treatment.

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