In today’s world excessive tension, anxiety, and stress is a huge problem for every single person alive and is a major contributor to disease and ill-health. While medical science is still struggling for the solution of these problems, a simple and easy solution might be found in the healing capabilities of gemstones and crystals. Specific stones have been used to create calm and to receive anxiety and stress. Some of them are:

Black tourmaline:

Whenever you feel that the anxiety, worry, and stress is all around you and you cannot do anything except giving yourself in their control; hold a black tourmaline in both of your hands and think about your fears, stress, and worries. The black tourmaline will suck all the black and harmful forces from your surroundings and will release the positivity.


This is the stone of relief from the stress, anxiety, especially from insomnia and all the negative forces. This stone will remove all the negativity from your body and its orbit and will release positivity into it. This stone is around 2 billion years old and the healing powers are certified. This stone will help you to eject the toxic from your soul and will purify your body and its energy field. In Russia, many people use this in their drinking water because of its documented benefits.

Jet stone:

This is the stone that has been used since the ancient times for the protection and to facilitate the release of negative emotions. Which includes grief, anxiety, stress, anger and even depression. This stone is just as a shield and works as a protective field around me all the time. The main point is that they will eliminate all the negative spirits and will protect you from negative energy just like stress and anxiety.

Blue lace agate:

According to the experts, this is the best crystal for anxiety, worry, and stress relief. Its beautiful colors will absorb all the negativity and harmful electromagnetic rays from your surroundings and will emit vibrations that will bring peace to your mind and will help you to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free.


Another stone is known for its various healing properties. Amethyst is also known as “The All-Purpose Stone”. The main purpose of wearing this stone is to open the mind, body, and soul to a higher intuition. This stone will also help you in the mood swinger situation and will help you in stress relief purpose.

Smoky Quartz:

Typically, available in brown to black colors and opens the base chakra. Wearing this stone as a mala or as jewelry will provide you the power of self-confidence, positive thoughts, and will help you to calm your fear. If you are suffering from depression and other mental diseases, then this stone will help you like no one else can. This will also remove all types of negativities that lies in your circle.

Using gemstones and crystals to calm and reduce anxiety:

1. Keep any of the above crystals and gemstones in your purse, briefcase or pockets. When you are feeling stress or anxiety reach for the gemstone and lightly touch it or hold it in your hand.

2. Place gemstones on your work desk or anyplace where you often experience stress, worry or anxiety. When you need to calm your thoughts bring your attention and focus to the stone and remember it’s healing qualities.

3. Wear a gemstone mala or have a crystalpendent around your neck. When doing so, it will be best to have the protective stone hidden from plain view and touching your skin if possible.

4. Practice mantra meditation with a calming mantra like “So Hum” or “Om Mani Padme Hum” and use a calming gemstone mala necklace to count the mantras a 108 times.

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