Calming Meditation for the Mind – Imagery Exercise

Visualization meditation is a good technique to use at time when you feel worried and just need some time alone to calm your mind and find a moment of peace. In this type of exercise you will make use of your ability to visualise to create beautiful pictures in your mind. You will also utilize your other senses to completely experience the environment in every way that you can. So if you are feeling like you long for a short second to calm your mind and body, you should do this guided meditation exercise.

Take some time out of your day to work with this meditation technique. Practice this meditation exercise for 10 minutes or more if you have the time. Find a silent place in your house to do your meditation and be sure that no one will interrupt your practice for these 10 minutes. Also make sure that there are no electronic gadgets around that could steal your focus.

Pick a comfortable meditation posture either sitting up or lying down and take some time to calm your mind and body. When you feel calm and ready to start you meditation, close your eyes and take 3 slow cleansing breaths to exhale all negativity and tension from your mind and body.

Visualization Exercise:

Picture yourself lying or sitting in the center of a green garden. This pretty garden is filled with tropical plants and flowers, which are all around you. In your minds eye looking around at the different plants and paying attention to every type, shape and colour. Be interested and exited. Let the environment of this garden awe and overwhelm you. You feel so amazed of the wonders of the earth. Feel stress-free and happy, and try to really let yourself to feel joyful. Just enjoy the nature.

Now imagine that you are hearing the sounds of this green garden. What do you hear? Notice every sound such as the wind in the trees and plants, the sound of exotic birds close by, other animal sounds, etc. Just use your imagination and do not think about selecting the most realistic sounds for this garden but just go with what feels good and calming. So if you begin to hear running water, frogs or rain, allow it to be part of your garden, as long as it makes you relax and feel secure.

Now you are going to utilize the rest of your senses. Do your best to feel the sensation of the plants. Feel the smoothness of the leaves and the dryness of the soil. Visualize that you are toughing different things in the garden and noticing the different sensations. Try to smell the smell of this natural environment. Notice the freshness in the garden and let it fill you with peace and serenity.

When you are ready to leave this lovely mind creation and go on with your day, start by moving your arms and feet and then gradually open your eyes. Let the feeling of relaxation stay with you for the rest of the day.

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