In this article we will be talking about the right amount of calorie intake to lose weight.

What is a Calorie?

You probably already know by now how metabolism relates to weight loss by the process called catabolic metabolism, which basically means the breaking down of cells and turning them into energy.

To help you get an even better understanding of how this process works, I want to introduce to you a very important player in this whole weight loss process and that is the calorie.

So what is a calorie? Calories are simply a unit of measurement for energy in your body. There are not actually things within itself but more of a label similar to how an inch is a measurement for distance.

So how do we get a better understanding of how to boost your metabolism? Your body doesn't really care where your energy comes from, there are dozens of varieties of foods to choose from and there seems to be a fairly clear understanding as to what types of foods is good for you and which is bad.

We don't need to be a nutritional expert to know that a plum is good food, whereas a tub of thick creamy double-fudge ice cream is bad food. Your body simply doesn't care which food is healthy and which food is not, as long it get's energy.

So by knowing this, how can we apply what we've learned in terms calorie intake to lose weight. When you feed your body with calories, naturally your body will need to do something with that energy. If a plum gives you 100 calories, then your body will decide what it will do with the energy that those calories provide. The same goes for, deep fried chicken with 500 calories or 1000 calories, your body will have to do something about the amount of calories it receives.

Now, there is only two things which your body can do to that energy presented in calories. It will either transform that energy into tissue cells, or it will use that energy to break down cells. So now we got a rough understanding of how calories/energy, metabolism and weight loss/gains relates to each other.

When there is too much energy or calorie then your body is forced to create cells, hence this will cause weight gain, because your body has no use for that energy at that time, there is no such thing as increasing your calorie intake to lose weight.

What's The Right Amount Of Calorie Intake To Lose Weight?

Overall, the metabolism/calorie/energy/weight gain thing is just about energy and having too much of it. When you eat too many calories, which is energy stored in your body, your body will create cells, which increases your weight because your body can't do anything else with that energy.

And most of the cells that are created from the excess energy/calorie is turned into fat. Sometimes, those calories are turned into muscle but this will only occur when you exercise or lift weights which in turns, gives your body the incentive to turn those calories into muscle.

This is why people who have a lot of muscles can burn calories really quickly because muscles need a lot of calories to maintain. Which means a lot of times, without doing anything their muscles can burn the calories from the foods they eat without them doing anything.

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