The Calvary Christian School, located in Triangle, Virginia, is a small private school which caters for students ranging from kindergarten to high school grades.
The Christian views of the school are predominant in their educational objectives. Bible teachings serve as a foundation for the curriculum, and the development of the students also focuses on their religious views, apart from academic subjects. In fact the school lists its objectives in three main sections, namely, academic, spiritual and socio-personal objectives.
The teacher to student ratio is relatively small, in order to enable more personal and individual exchanges, for the benefit of each and every student.


Apart from the customary academic subjects, the school also provides a number of extracurricular activities, mainly dealing with music and sports. These include:

Guitar Club
Considering the school’s emphasis on Christianity, missions trips are also organized.
The official school website outlines the main areas that are dealt with at each level. Further details about educational objectives, material and methods are also described.
For instance, the phonics methodology is used for kindergarten classes, to instil a sound background for reading skills. Emphasis on language is also placed at this early stage. Basic math skills are also introduced.
In the elementary classes, a lot of emphasis is placed on maths and language skills, since these provide a sound and academically proper background for further development. Importance is also given to religion, science and history.

The middle school is oriented towards the need to instil in the students the skills required for high school education. So, apart from the basic academic subjects, a lot of drilling is performed, together with extracurricular activities. These are all aimed to help students develop a strong moral character.

The school also introduced the life skills courses to most of the classes. These include computer, music, art and physical education.
The high school classes are prepared for graduation and successful completion of the course will entitle them to recognized diploma.
Various events are organized throughout the year, including book fairs, banquets, luncheons and summer clubs.

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The Calvary Christian School is a small school which caters for classes from pre-school to high school. It is renowned for its dedication, personalization and religious values. It can be found in various online sources including the US Elementary directory.