“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” These lines by William J. Bryan truly hold their significance in today’s ‘recruitment’ scenario.

With the high rising competition among the businesses and the corporate sector, the task of filling up the work positions with the most suitable candidates in an organization is becoming increasingly challenging. Getting the best people to work for you, in order to take your company forward with their efforts, has become a real tough task. There have been numerous methods that are being employed by the companies for the selection and recruitment of the personnel and one of the newest trends in this has been the Campus Recruitment.

Campus Recruitment is becoming a commonly used selection procedure in which the companies visit some of the eminent academic or professional institutes in an attempt to recruit young, intelligent and enthusiastic students for the suitable work positions. It is a distinctive recruitment procedure as unlike others, in campus recruitment, it is the employers who come to pick up the most appropriate candidates with numerous job offerings.

This method of recruitment can turn out to be quite fruitful for both the companies and the job-seekers. Companies can be largely benefitted as they can have the opportunity of choosing the most talented personnel from a vast pool of young talent; whereas, students can also enjoy an equal degree of advantage by getting a job-offer while still in college. Moreover, this entire procedure helps the companies in saving a lot of time and effort by avoiding the time-consuming and costly affairs such as advertising and screening.

The companies can also be assured of greater company loyalty since new grads tend to identify themselves more closely with their first company. Also, the fresher from colleges can agree to work on comparatively low-salaries. A future and long-term benefit of the campus recruitment for a company can be the alumnus link to the next generation of grads which can serve the future personnel needs of the company.

Hence, in this competitive environment, it is crucial to maintain good campus relations for keeping an edge over the competitors. And maintaining good campus relations involve building strong professional ties with the faculty, administrators, career-center staff and the students.

Also, the companies need to flourish other attractive tools such as conducting career fairs, interviews, and experimental educational programs and so on in order to set up their mark among the students and the colleges. Offering internships and co-op programs should also be made a part of the company’s recruitment tools. And most importantly, it is crucial to hire and send enthusiastic and informed recruiters.

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So go ahead and exploit the talent of the enthusiastic and intelligent youngsters by utilizing the benefits of the Campus Recruitment procedure.

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