Prostatitis is a common and torturing disease for mals. Recently, there are some rumors on the Internet that you can test yourself for prostatitis with a glass of water. Is that true?

Doctors point out that prostatitis cannot be measured merely by a glass of water. In the case of prostatitis, observation of symptoms is the first requirement and effective laboratory evaluation is the second one.

The most common symptoms of prostatitis are frequent and urgent urination, pain when urinating, burning or discomfort after urination, and white discharge from the urethra after urination or defecation. When it gets worse, there may be perineal bulge, sacrococcygeal discomfort, swelling in the inguinal area and so on.

Usually, the best tests for patients with prostatitis are the prostatic fluid test and the three-cup urine test.

1. Prostatic fluid test

Prostatitis may be diagnosed if the number of white cells per high magnification field is more than 10 and the number of lecithin bodies is reduced.

2. Three-cups urine test:

Before the test, you need to drink enough water while take out 10ml urine. Then, you should take out 200ml urine, and take out 10ml urine in the middle part. After prostate massage, take out the third cup of urine. If both the first cup and the second cup of bacterial culture show negative, and the third cup of the bacterial culture of prostatic fluid shows positive, then prostatitis can be diagnosed.

Through the professional examination of regular hospital, you can always determine whether you have prostatitis. If unfortunately, you are diagnosed with it, you should get treated in time. Medication is always your first option. If you have acute prostatitis, you can take antibiotics to effectively kill the bacteria that caused the inflammation.

When it comes to the chronic prostatitis, your battle against the bacteria will be longer than usual. It's recommended that you can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve your prostate health. It has a great effect on eliminating all kings of bacteria and viruses. Sticking to the medicine can well treat chronic prostatitis without any side effect.

At ordinary times, taking care of your body can help you get rid of prostatitis sooner. Doing more sports is always encouraged. Generally speaking, slow sports with low intensity can be your choices, such as jogging, tai chi, yoga and so forth. It's recommended that you should do sports about 4 times a week, and each time you should last about 30 to 60 minutes. Notice your heart rate, and that it's about 110 times per minute means a perfect effect.

Patients with prostatitis should not only adhere to the exercise, but also pay more attention to daily diet, which can not be ignored.

1. Drink more water and urinate more

Even though a glass of water cannot help you measure the prostatitis, it does have an effect to help you fight against prostatitis. For men, drinking more water not only dilutes the blood, but also effectively dilutes the urine concentration. Meanwhile, you should urine more as well as in time. These two habits can help you avoid high concentration of urine, which will produce adverse stimulation to the prostate gland and cause prostatitis in the end.

2. Eat more high-fiber foods

Nutrient-rich food is what everyone needs, especially for patients with certain disease. Tofu, soy flour, soy milk and other legumes as well as soy products are suggested for patients with prostatitis. Studies have shown that these foods can protect the prostate gland and even prevent prostate cancer to some extent.

3. Eat an apple every day

If you find it difficult to choose what you want from a variety of foods, why not try an apple each day? In the prostatic fluid of patient with chronic prostatitis, the zinc content is lower than normal person apparently. Therefore, you can fill zinc through eating apple, which not only does not have any side effect, but also will be helpful for human body to absorb. Generally. eating one or two apples every day can achieve the purpose of improving prostatitis.

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