Relationships grow with hard work. Fights and disagreements are very common but sometimes a relationship can become toxic. It is important to understand when a relationship has turned toxic. If we look for a definition, then a toxic relationship can be defined as any relationship in which two people don’t support the other, they always undermine each other in conflict, and there is a lack of cohesiveness and respect. A toxic relationship is constantly draining and unpleasant. A private investigator can help you determine if your relationship has probably become toxic, but this comes at a much later stage. In the initial stage, it is you who needs to be careful and determine if your relationship is toxic.

Playing games
If your partner is playing games with you then you may want to try private investigation services Toronto. In a toxic relationship, one partner can be the problem and they may like to play games. They will say one thing and do another. In such cases, for your peace of mind, you may want to tag a private investigator to him/her to find out they are up to. They may say that will come to your house at one time to see you. You keep waiting and they don’t show up at all. In a case like this, a PI can tell you exactly where he/she is so you don’t keep waiting and understand where the relationship is headed.

Blaming others
If your partner is blaming others for every hiccup and problem, they themselves are facing, then it is a big, shining, neon sign that they have toxic behaviour. Things may not always be smooth in life, but one needs to take it like a mature adult. Blaming others like colleagues, trainers, shopkeepers always doesn’t make things go away. All that this behaviour does is feed a negative ego of self. In a healthy relationship, people work through issues and not point fingers.

You do all the work
If you are doing all the work in the relationship while your partner looks like he/she breezes in and out as they feel convenient, then it is a toxic relationship. Sometimes they may make excuses as to why they can’t do something. But if you have heard this innumerable times, then try to use a trustworthy pi Toronto who can get you the truth.

Taking responsibility
If any gentle reminders to your partners lead to crazy fights, then you know that your relationship isn’t the healthiest. Your partner doesn’t want to take responsibility for any tasks, be it the smallest like – picking up a wet towel. Healthy people accept feedback and correct their course, but toxic people will instead, try to shift the blame on you and fight.

Dishonest and negative financial behaviour
If your partner is constantly dishonest with you and you have to make up excuses on his/her behalf, then this is toxic behaviour by them. Being honest with your partner is a crucial part of any relationship that both partners want to preserve. Plus, if your partner shows negative financial behaviours like making big purchases without consulting you or using your money, then it isn’t just a mistake or slip of memory that he forgot to tell you about it. The intent maybe something else. Good private investigation services Toronto can help trace your money if he/she has taken it without your permission.

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