Endometriosis is a disease in which the endometrium with growth function is located outside the normal endometrial cavity and causes many symptoms and signs. It is believed that it mainly occurs in the reproductive period, and it is possible to suffer from the disease at least five years after menarche.

Recent clinical studies have found that endometriosis can occur in adolescent women, even pre-adolescent children.

What are the symptoms of adolescent female endometriosis?

The clinical manifestations of adolescent female endometriosis are different from adults. The clinical signs of pediatric and adolescent female endometriosis are mainly dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, adnexal cyst, acute abdomen, etc.

Most take chronic pelvic pain or dysmenorrhea as the primary clinical manifestations. The pain can be periodic or nonperiodic. Sports activities and sexual intercourse can aggravate pain symptoms and relieve the condition after rest.

What are the high-risk factors for endometriosis?

The pathogenesis of endometriosis has not yet been fully clarified. Most are benign lesions, but they have the ability of Hematology, lymphatic dissemination, distant metastasis, and planting growth similar to malignant tumors.

Therefore, it is essential to prevent endometriosis. Prevention of endometriosis in children and adolescents is helpful to reduce the incidence rate of endometriosis.

The high-risk factors of adolescent female endometriosis include young age at menarche, early sexual life, dysmenorrhea, excessive menstruation, backward uterus, vigorous exercise, and chronic pelvic pain. Short menstrual cycle, fast menstruation frequency, long menstrual duration, high blood volume, family history of endometriosis, immune factors, and allergic constitution will also become high-risk factors.

How is endometriosis treated?

There are few studies and reports on adolescent female endometriosis, so the current treatment method mainly refers to adult patients. But it is not the same as that of adult women. The doctor should make an early diagnosis, alleviate symptoms, improve the quality of life and minimize the impact on study, life, and work.

It is also necessary to retain the reproductive capacity and ovarian function as much as possible and inhibit the progress of the natural course. It is best to shrink the disease, stable and undeveloped, and reduce or avoid sequelae. The specific method can only be determined after a comprehensive evaluation.

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How to prevent endometriosis?

First: stay away from iatrogenic injuries

Some women go to the hospital for abortion surgery after discovering accidental pregnancy. Whether it is induced abortion or drug abortion, these will affect the human endocrine system and may lead to the formation of endometriosis. Therefore, unwanted pregnancies need to be avoided. Many operations easily affect the uterus in life, especially gynecological types.

Therefore, it is suggested to protect the wound during the operation and pay more attention to the hygiene of the wound after the procedure to avoid infection.

Second: do a good job of inspection

If your family members have endometriosis, you should go to a gynecological examination regularly. Because endometriosis is hereditary, it can be avoided more effectively by inspection. But remember, don't check during your period.

Third: pay attention to personal hygiene

The prevention of endometriosis should pay more attention to personal hygiene. During menstruation, the vagina is more likely to lead to infection, so pay more attention to the hygiene of private parts. Women need to pay more attention to rest during the physiological period. Don't stay up late, and don't be too tired. In addition, stay away from multiple partners in sexual life to avoid cross-infection.

Fourth: treatment of primary diseases

The emergence of endometriosis is related to many diseases. To prevent it, you should avoid these diseases, such as hymen atresia, cervical stenosis, reproductive tract obstruction, etc. These may lead to the accumulation of menstrual blood in the uterus and retrograde to the fallopian tube and pelvic cavity, resulting in the emergence of endometriosis.

Fifth: sports

Proper exercise will cause the body to excrete a lot of sweat, which contains a lot of toxins and can play a positive role in preventing diseases. Exercise can increase the androgen concentration in the body, and androgen can counteract the influence of female hormones.
Therefore, patients must exercise and develop a scientific way of exercising for endometriosis. It is reported that people who insist on exercise can often improve their immune ability and disease resistance, so it is suggested to exercise more.

The above is the knowledge about endometriosis. Do you understand?

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