Can an Infertile Woman Get Pregnant: Reasons Why a Woman Can't Get Pregnant

How to get pregnant is the most desirable question of all the women in the world. Pregnancy has been always one of the most beautiful moments in all the females' life. If you and your partner have decided to start your own family, you need to increase the chances of conceiving. You need to have full information about how to get pregnant fast and naturally before begin trying to get pregnant. Here are some very easy tips to get pregnant fast and naturally.

• Quit birth control methods - when you and your partner decided to get pregnant, you need to quit all the birth control methods. Many couples think that they can conceive immediately after quitting birth control methods. You cannot get pregnant immediately after quitting birth control methods. Your body needs some time to make everything normal from inside.

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• Maintain a healthy life style - after quitting birth control methods you need to maintain a healthy life style. Start taking folic acid, vitamins, proteins and minerals in your daily diet. You also need to do some exercise to be active and meditation to stay away from the stress.

• Know your body - after quitting birth control methods and maintaining a healthy life style you need to know your body. Determine to notice your ovulation in every month. When you notice your ovulation, you will know the most fertile time that increases the chances of getting pregnant.

• Well timed intercourse - after quitting birth control methods, maintaining a healthy life style and monitoring your ovulation you need to focus on time of intercourse. You need to have intercourse around the time of ovulation (3 to 4 days before and after the ovulation).

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Are you sure when you are fertile to get pregnant? Such a question is raised by many as there are incidents to lessen the chances of getting pregnant. A woman is usually most fertile almost in the middle days of menstrual cycle that occurs every month. The fertile days probably fall between 12th and 18th day after period if the monthly cycle covers 28 days. The female's egg may appear during any of these 7 days. But the crucial problem is that the female egg is LIVE only for 12 to 24 hours. If the woman has an irregular cycle, she cannot be sure of her chance to conceive as anticipated.

It is rather difficult to justify the exact day of ovulation. However, you can have a clue from the discharge of cervical mucus your body produces. If the mucus from the cervix is either light or sticky, the chance for fertility is low. If the discharge is more and slippery, the white egg has more chance to appear. With this sign of being fertile to get pregnancy, you have to note the following tips too!

1. The first thing is the diet. You should take care on the diet you eat. Some foods may hinder your chance for getting conceived. Citrus fruits and most grains are acidic foods making the crucial mucus acidic. This is not good for the sperms which usually require alkaline mucus for survival.

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2. The second thing is the sex play. Regarding the sex play, you need a justification. Leaving a long gap more than 48 hours or having sex every day around ovulation period are to be justified by you. You should know that the sperm should be free to swim towards the egg. There should be neither crowded rush for the sperm nor escaping outside. The sperm should be fresh and following the ovum to fertilize.

3. The third thing is the use of lubricants. Using lubricants is not good for natural conception. Some lubricants may damage both the sperm and ovum when there is a good environment for conceiving. The best option is to induce natural lubricants of the body with baby play activities before getting into sex.

It is to be noted that Ovulation is the best indicator of your fertile days. If you take a little effort to maintain an ovulation chart regularly, you can exactly fix your fertile days to conceive as you aspire.

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I often have people contact me and tell me that they desperately want a girl baby "this time around." Sometimes, I hear from mothers of boys who very much want to add a daughter to their brood. Other times, I hear from women who just want the very special experience of sharing things uniquely female with a daughter. I completely understand this and I really don't find anything wrong with having a gender preference when you're trying to conceive. I firmly believe that most people in this situation would love and care for any baby, no matter what gender it turns out to be.

But, since you're attempting to conceive anyway, why not conceive in the way that's going to stack the odds in your favor to get the gender that you prefer? This article is going to be for couples who prefer a girl baby. I'm going to explain what you need to do to get a girl rather than a boy baby.

Conceiving A Girl Baby (Instead Of A Boy) Has Everything To Do With Exploiting The Weakness Of The Y Sperm Chromosomes: As awful as it sounds, your job in this situation is to set it up so that as many of the Y sperm chromosomes (which produce boys) die off before they have a chance to make it to the egg. Luckily, the Y's have quite a few weaknesses that you can take full advantage of. They don't live as long as the girl producing sperm (the X's.) Not only that, but they can be easily weakened further if you exposed them to an acidic environment.

But, if they have a strength, it's that they're very fast. So you don't want to give them a chance to race if you can at all help it. To that end, every part of your regimen should be designed to take advantage of those weaknesses and diminish those strengths. Doing so will mean that when conception happens there will be far more X chromosomes present and healthy enough to do the job. And this of course will dramatically increase your chances of conceiving a girl rather than a boy.

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The Steps To Making Life Difficult For The Y Sperm So That You Conceive A Girl: There are actually three places to address when trying to thwart the Y's. The first is timing. When I say timing, I'm talking about when in your cycle you have intercourse in an attempt to conceive or become pregnant. You probably already know that you're most fertile during your ovulation period. But, you have to picky about the days that you have sex within that time frame.

Many people will have sex as much as possible when they think they are most fertile or likely to become pregnant. But, when you want to have a girl rather than a boy, you shouldn't do this. Instead, you want to have intercourse only on days that occur well before ovulation happens. And this is why people think that it's harder to conceive a girl. Very few ovulation predictors will give you a positive days before you've actually ovulated. To have the best chances for success, these are the ones you need to use.

Second, you want to create a very acidic vaginal PH. This is just one more thing that is going to discourage those Y chromosomes. There are three ways to make your vaginal environment more acidic. You can douche. You can change your diet to include acidic foods. Or, you can combine both methods. Whichever you chose, I strongly advise using PH testing strips to see how you are progressing. And, you only want to attempt to conceive when you can literally see that you are acidic enough.

Finally, you want to carefully use the right sexual positions which favor a girl conception. These differ from couple to couple, but the idea is that you want to use a great deal of control so that you achieve shallow penetration. This hopefully gives those weakened Y's more time to struggle, weaken, and die off in the acidic environment which you are going to carefully create.

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I get a lot of correspondence from couples who make incorrect assumptions about the things that determine whether you will have a girl or a boy baby. Many people tell me that they assume this comes down to luck, your family history, whether the woman had an orgasm or not, or the quality of the man's sperm. While some of these things may have a slight influence, I wouldn't list any of these things as the top three factors. In the following article, I'll tell you which things most determine whether you ultimately have a boy or a girl baby.

Is It An X Or A Y That Fertilizes The Egg?: If you want to strip this equation down to it's most basic form, what you're left with is which sperm chromosome is going to partner with the egg when you conceive. Now, there are many things that can influence this outcome. But once the sperm has fertilized the egg, the baby's gender is set. The baby's mother, being female, can only provide an X. But the father, being male, has the ability to provide either an X or a Y. He releases equal parts of these which race around and fight for the egg. If the end result is XX, then you're going to be the parent of a girl. If the result is XY, then the baby will be male. So, you're real goal if you want a girl is to give the X sperm chromosomes an unfair edge. But if you want a boy, then you're obviously pulling for the X's.

Timing Goes A Long Way In Determining Whether You'll Have A Girl Or A Boy Baby: Above, I painted a pretty simplistic picture. And frankly, everything does come down to the XX and XY equation. But, there are many variables that determine the sum that you end up with. The X's and Y's each have different strengths and weaknesses and therefore behave differently in different environments and time lines.

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For example, the girl producing sperm can live for a longer period of time than the boys. That's why if you want a girl baby, it's to your great benefit to have intercourse before ovulation. And since the girls have this unfair advantage, if you want a boy, you need to wait to have sex until after ovulation occurs so you ensure that too many boys haven't died off by the time that the egg is actually viable and available.

The Mother's PH And Acidity Is Important Also: Remember when I said that these sperm behave differently depending upon their environment. Well, an acidic environment is an unlucky break for the Y's or boy producing sperm. It exposes their vulnerabilities and makes them die off even faster. That's why you want to be acidic if you're trying to have a girl. If it's a boy you want, then you're best bet is to become alkaline instead. Your PH depends on many factors but there are few things over which you have some control. That's why people use their diet, douching, or both to change their PH. And I think that this is sometimes where family history comes into play.

Sexual Positions At The Time Of Conception Help Determine Your Baby's Gender As Well: Sometimes, I find that people assume that the couple's favorite or most used sexual position influence their baby's gender. This isn't entirely accurate. The only time sexual positioning comes into play is when it actually results in a conception. It really doesn't matter which positions that you use any other time. What's at stake is how the sperm is sent to the egg at the time of conception. And at that time, if deep penetration is used, this is more favorable to a boy because the distance and time is diminished.

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