Although it cannot be treated as an alternative to conventional therapy, Ayahuasca is one of the most effective ways to develop emotionally and face deeply hidden traumas.

We hear about it more often than a decade ago, what might be a result of the reawakening spirituality, as well as the shamanic world opening to the Western culture. After hundreds of years of ritual usage by Amazonian tribes, Ayahuasca has become widely used among the members of the counterculture movement in the seventies. However, for many years since its popularity raised, the majority of our society perceived it just as another hallucinogenic drug. 

The perception of Ayahuasca has been gradually changing in recent decades, as its status has upgraded (among various social groups) to a medicine. Even though for many people such a conviction can be perceived as controversial, many researchers are claiming that Ayahuasca can be a great supplement for conventional therapy as well as support in quitting addictions. In the further paragraphs we will try to answer the remaining question - can ayahuasca fuel personal growth? According to a study by Radboud University, it is not only reserved for people with mental and addiction problems but also for those that are looking for a way to face the trauma and self-understanding. 

Everyone deals with some problems which are very difficult to face - behaviors we'd like to get rid of, terrible relationship schemes and so on. Usually, it is caused by some traumatic event. However, this link is rarely noticed. Instead of trying to understand the reason behind these problems, we develop replacement strategies that lead us to work addiction or substance abuse. We choose not to face it - it's easier to immerse ourselves in guilt or victimhood. 

Ayahuasca - a natural medicine

The solution can come in the form of Ayahuasca. The way that amazonian vine works is amazing yet quite challenging.  If properly led by an experienced spiritual guide, during the trip you can get into the very source of your problems that you may have subconsciously been denying. This way, you are given a chance to see the whole picture. The holistic view helps to recognize and redefine your values and understand your own and others' emotional needs.

Remember that the spiritual journey with Ayahuasca is definitely not recreational. As a powerful natural medicine, it has to be taken with the guidance of the qualified person who will help to go through the trip. One of the most popular ways to experiment with it is by visiting an Ayahuasca retreat.

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