Biometric Access Control – A Brief Overview
Anti social activities has increased a lot. In fact, after recession the number of unemployed people has increased at an alarming rate. With the increase in uncertainty of life, lack of work and depression, people are resorting to robbery, theft, vandalism, terrorism and other sorts of anti social activities. In order to restrict these incidents and make your place (whether it is your home or office) safe and secured, advanced security services are required. One of these leading services is Biometric Access Control system. It is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced access control systems that can make a place completely secured from unwanted people.
-Biometric Access control- system recognises a person by storing unique biological features of people in its system. Some of these biometrics include fingerprints, palm vein, retina, iris, etc. All these features are unique to each individual and cannot be present in any other person. Biometrics of those people who are required to be allowed in certain places or areas are fed in a central database. If a person comes to access those secured places then he or she has to go through a scanner that scans these features. If the features of the person match with that of the ones in the database then he or she will be allowed to the restricted area. In many cases, this advanced system is used by companies to check time spent by its employees inside the office.
This is how security services are given by Biometric access control systems.

Does Biometric Access Control Systems Provide Better Security Services?
These advanced access control systems are installed in the doorway of the secured places, where only a few people can enter. If a person tries to enter the restricted premises then he or she has to get his fingertip or other required biometrics scanned. If the scanned biometrics matches with that of the stored one, the concerned person will be allowed to enter. Otherwise he/she will be barred from entering. As biometrics of two people doesn’t match, Biometric access control system is absolutely full proof and gives better security services.
Biometric Access Control System Can Improve Company Security – How?
Top 3 ways of company security improvement through -biometric Access control-system is given below:
1. Biometrics can’t be stolen as they don’t have swipe cards or PIN numbers. If the biometric of a person matches with the stored data then only a person will be allowed to enter the restricted premise.
2. As biometric of a person is the password itself, there is no requirement of remembering password or PIN number. Thus, nothing is required to be remembered to access restricted area that is secured with Biometric access control system.
3. Airports, especially the international ones, have become the main target of the terrorists. Thus, certain places of these airports should be accessed by the staffs only. To maintain this, Biometric access control system should be installed so that complete safety and security can be maintained in the airports.
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