Millions of intelligent and gifted children are working far below their potential each year. We all want to insure our children’s gifts, talents, and abilities are developed to full potential, in this world of fierce competition. Children often go through school unprepared to meet the challenges of each proceeding school year, even though they are potentially capable of doing the work. Tutoring and extra help give a temporary solution to a problem that reoccurs. How do we intervene and break this cycle of frustration? Use the checklist below to see if your child or a child you know has one or more of these roadblocks to learning.

difficulty paying attention and easily distracted
difficulty with concentration
slow finishing work and tests
makes careless errors
works hard but is constantly behind
poor spelling and reading skills
cannot remember what is read
rereads material over and over to get the meaning
lacks confidence and motivation

These problems above have nothing to do with intelligence or IQ. Most often children with learning disabilities have normal or above normal intelligence. Cognitive skills determine how fast and effectively we can acquire knowledge or instruction and how fast and effectively we can retain and recall information.

For instance, 8 year old Emily has a high IQ, knows how to sound out each word phonically, but she is a slow reader. In additon, her other grades are fair or below average. Emily has a processing problem. Regardless of how much help she receives on an individual subject such as history or math; her ability to process information is slow and she will continue to struggle in school.

Another example is Thomas, the 14 year old student with an average IQ. He has struggled for years doing timed work and timed tests. Thomas studies hard and knows the answers on tests or work, but can never finish in the time allowed. He makes fairly good grades but works extra hard. The tragedy is that he knows he could do better and as a consequence his self-esteem is low. Thomas, has an information processing problem. He knows the information but cannot process the information fast enough within the time allowed.

Children with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other learning problems can be permanently trained to work faster and more efficiently by developing their cognitive skills. In only a few weeks of one-on-one accelerated training, a child can improve processing speed by 2 years or more. Any child can benefit from enhanced coginitive skills but particularly a child with a learning problem. One-on-one training can be done at home in only a few weeks. Cognitive skills are are the backbone of the learning process and the key to learning any subject faster and easier. - Free Information Download

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Anne Sentell is author of The Left Behind Survival Kit and the Auditory Building Blocks Auditory Kit. Anne has a background in tutoring and teaching children with learning disabilities. She trains children to learn faster and easier by developing cognitive and visual processing skills

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