If you are like the millions of people who have sleep issues, you've come to the right page. I'm going to explain to you exactly how to use melatonin and CBD mixed together in order to get a good sleep aid.

CBD alone is not a great sleep aid. Melatonin alone is also not a great sleep aid. When you mix them together, it appears they may work quite well. If you're looking for an all natural, safe, and non-addicting sleep aid, you've probably asked the question "Can I mix CBD and melatonin?

You can, but it must be done perfectly.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is something that our bodies produce all on it's own. Melatonin tells the body that it's time for sleep, or time to wake up, depending on how much your body makes. This is why it is used so effectively with CBD. Melatonin alone simply tells your body to go to sleep, but it doesn't help the body continue to sleep. That's where it fails.

What is CBD?

CBD stand for cannabidiol. You've probably heard of it by now, if you are researching it. It became popular in America towards the end of 2018. Did you know CBD is currently unregulated by the FDA?

It may sound like a good thing, but the lack of regulation is causing a lot of headache for many CBD users. The FDA did a little study in the summer of 2020. Do you know what they found? They discovered that just about 25% of all CBD companies are producing mislabeled or even completely fake CBD products. Please, be careful who you purchase your CBD and melatonin mixed CBD from.

What Can I Expect from Mixing CBD and Melatonin?

When you mix the two, it might produce a pretty good sleep aid. I have discovered that, it is quite hard to mix the two correctly though. Also, I believe that the spectrum, or cannabinoid content of your CBD, may play a role in the effectiveness. 

I searched around for good CBD and melatonin combinations, and New Phase Blends' online CBD shop actually sells a very, very good product. It's called sleep, and my research shows that they have a patent-pending on the product for use as a sleep aid.

It seems like they have the right idea. They also confirm that the melatonin and CBD mixture must be done perfectly, or you end up with basically just CBD, or melatonin alone. New Phase Blends is a trusted CBD company that started gaining popularity due to their CEO's story of how he used his own products to help himself after getting a spinal cord injury on active duty in the US Army.

They have tons of CBD oil for sale in many different forms. I highly suggest you give their CBD and melatonin mixed product called 'sleep' a try. You won't regret it. They even have a money-back guarantee. I've researched a LOT of CBD companies, and only a select few offer that guarantee. 



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