Doctors have probably heard about Life Coaching and may be wondering what it is and if it might be useful for them, but something has held them back from exploring the option of hiring a coach. Perhaps they thought it was a bit ‘wishy-washy’ or too ‘touchy-feely’.
They may have wondered if other doctors have benefited from the process of Coaching and since they’ve heard it’s about finding their own solutions, they may believe that a doctor should be able to sort things out for himself or herself without involving someone else, especially someone who doesn’t know them and might never meet them except on the telephone.

If this sounds familiar then here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you really want to have different sort of life? A doctor’s life can be intense and can engulf you so that other important parts of your life are neglected. However the thought of changing it may be seem scary and you might rather stick with what you are familiar with, even if you aren’t happy with it.

Are you prepared to talk about what isn’t working for you but more importantly to start to picture the sort of life you would really like and the options you have for living that way? Unless you begin to look to your future and discuss the options and possibilities it will be difficult to make the changes you want.

Do you realise that success can encompass all aspects of your life, not only your medical work? Many doctors define success in relation to their work and so strive to get to the top of their specialty and yet have an unfulfilling personal life.

Are you able to see things from a new perspective? Remember if you continue doing everything in exactly the same way then nothing changes. Even if you think the system has to change there are things you can do to make this happen. This may mean expressing your concerns about the routines, or telling others how you are going to be doing something from now onwards.

Do you understand that it is important to look at your whole life not only at the part of you who is the doctor? Your whole life involves your partner, friends and family and your community, It also includes those parts of you not involved in Medicine, your hobbies and outside interests, the way you look after your own health and well being too.

Life Coaching offers:
a tool for increasing success and satisfaction in life.
finding ways forward for successful people who feel something is missing.
support, discussion, encouragement and motivation enabling doctors to deal with the stresses of medical life
the chance to re-think what you value in life.
empowerment and motivation to do what you want.
someone who listens, enables you to reflect and reflects and encouragement to set and reach goals.
a forward looking, active process, to help you make positive changes.
improving your quality of life
helping you close the gap between how life is and how it could be.
encouragement to look after your physical and emotional needs.
motivation to have balance in all areas of their life.
learning how to say no more often and to set clear boundaries, both physical and emotional.
getting rid of whatever drains your energy and increasing what results in more get-up-and-go.

When doctors are fit emotionally and physically, they and their patients benefit.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Kersley is a retired doctor turned Life Coach