It looks like our heart muscle is highly dependent on this CoQ10 enzyme. It may look like this is the best thing our heart can get and some sources recommend it for a congestive heart failure. As the name suggests there is inability for a heart to pump all the blood needed in our body and unfortunately with time there can be some damage done to the kidneys or other organs all related to the inadequate blood pressure. So we can say that our health depends on numerous variables but to complicate things further we can safely assume that these are interconnected and dependent. Our blood pressure and our general health condition also depend on this thing called coenzyme CoQ10.

CoQ10 can cause your blood pressure to go lower and is thought to lower your sugar levels. It may also lower inflammations and has many other positive effects one of them being a powerful antioxidant. This coenzyme is present naturally in our bodies and it needs it to function properly. One of the most important functions is to be part of oxygen and energy distribution in our body.
Some researchers focused on its capability to help with heart diseases and good functioning of a heart. It is believed that in a good healthy heart there is abundance of this coenzyme while in a weak diseased heart there is mostly a deficiency of it, so we can say that it is essential to our health.

When we research for all the benefits of CoQ10 it looks really impressive and sometimes you may find it to be described as some sort of a miracle drug but I tend not to exaggerate. I mean, if we take into consideration that a heart attack is so widespread and kills as many people as cancers then anything which can help is a very welcome addition. Some sources suggest that it may have some positive effects on blood pressure, high cholesterol, after heart attack conditions, even gum disease and all of that with little or no side effects for recommended doses on most people. Here is some very interesting info regarding heart diseases and heart attack. Even cosmetic companies include it for it's anti aging properties so there must be something to it. It can be taken as a supplement but if you're more naturally oriented person, it is present in higher quantities in some fish like sardines and meat, especially hearts and livers and some vegetable oils like soybean for example. Even though it is present naturally in foods and our body everybody should consult with their health practitioners first.
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