Speaking of dysmenorrhea, many women will shudder. It is inhuman torture for women in the first few days of periods. But a lot of women will choose to be patient and feel that these days have passed. However, long-term dysmenorrhea may be a sign of "endometriosis." Generally speaking, endometriosis refers to the endometrium not growing in the prescribed position, appearing in the position outside the uterus.

Most of the time, it appears in the pelvic genitalia or the abdominal surface of adjacent organs, such as ovaries, uterine rectocele, bladder or rectum, and so on. However, a few appear in the abdominal wall, nasal cavity, oral cavity or ureter far away from the uterus.

When the body appears the following symptoms, it needs to be vigilant.

Dysmenorrhea is accompanied by persistent lower abdominal pain.

The typical symptom of endometriosis is dysmenorrhea. And the degree of pain will increase year by year with the aggravation of the disease. The pain is mostly in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral region and may also radiate to the vagina, anus, perineum or thigh. It often starts from 1 to 2 days before menstruation. There are a few late patients with long-term symptoms of lower abdominal pain Menstrual pain will increase.

Menstrual disorders

Most patients will appear in advance of the menstrual period, menstrual shortening, menstrual prolongation, menstrual volume increase, and a few will experience premenstrual drip bleeding symptoms. These conditions may lead to increased endometrium loss if menstrual blood can not flow normally, whether retention or reflux, leading to endometrial adhesion, fallopian tube adhesion or ovarian cyst and other symptoms.

The menstrual period has hematuria, urgent and frequent urination symptoms.

Long wrong endometrial tissue position will be planted to the uterus, ovary, rectovaginal wall or fallopian tube. It may be grown to the appendix, bladder and even rectum so that patients may have hematuria, urgent and frequent urination, and bloody stool.

Surgical scar pain

The peculiar smell of endometrium may also be implanted into the abdominal scar surgery, which will affect the healing of the scar and increase patients' pain.

Endometriosis makes a large part of females suffer from the pain; how should they treat it?

Mild endometriosis: under normal circumstances, women can adopt conservative treatment. By taking medicine and injection, the endometrium of ectopic will be in a dormant state temporarily. One of the best methods to treat endometriosis is traditional Chinese medicine, such as Fuyan Pill. It can eliminate endometriosis symptoms such as abdominal pain, menstrual abnormalities and dysmenorrhea, etc., without side effects and will not recur.

They can also use the laparoscopic technique due to severe endometriosis with ineffective drug treatment. Surgical resection can play a role in making the endometrium dormant. After surgery, doctors usually encourage women to have children as soon as possible.

Of course, in daily life, women can do some preventive measures.

First, for some women who have late childbearing, especially those with dysmenorrhea, it is suggested to give birth as early as possible, making the endometrium dormant.

Second, if females who have already had children and have no birth plan for a while, they can choose some oral contraceptives to relieve dysmenorrhea. And these contraceptives can also avoid endometriosis.

Finally, strictly prohibit all vigorous sports and heavy manual labor during the menstrual period. Also, refuse sex during the menstrual period and treat cervical adhesions as soon as possible, which may lead to blood retention.

In short, dysmenorrhea patients can play a role in relieving dysmenorrhea at the age of childbearing and early marriage. In daily life, do an excellent job of menstrual protection to avoid adverse effects on endometrium during menstrual periods.

Besides, If you dysmenorrhea or other abnormal symptoms, go to medical treatment in time. Early treatment can help improve the quality of life and ensure the health of women.

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