Endometriosis refers to the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity, such as the myometrium (known as adenomyosis), ovary, or other parts of the pelvic cavity. The ectopic endometrium also has periodic changes and bleeding, and the pain is caused by the inability of blood to flow out during menstruation.

Endometriosis is the growth function of endometriosis to other places outside the uterine cavity, and then these ectopic endometria with the menstrual cycle changes and bleeding. Generally, operation, infection, abortion, etc., can cause this condition. Most clinical symptoms are secondary progressive dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual volume, anal falling sensation during menstruation, etc.

Endometriosis is usually caused by acquired pelvic and abdominal inflammation or intrauterine inflammation. Because it adheres to the adjacent tissues and organs, dysmenorrhea gradually aggravates. Women need to go to the hospital for treatment so as not to affect pregnancy.

There are two kinds of Western medicine treatment methods for endometriosis: surgery and medicine: one is drug treatment, mainly oral hormone, namely pseudopregnancy and pseudo menopause therapy, which is caused by artificial amenorrhea, and menopause.

Surgical treatment includes conservative treatment, semi-radical treatment, and radical treatment. Conservative treatment is to preserve the fertility function, remove the focus and nodule of endometriosis, and restore its normal anatomical and physiological function. Then women will be pregnant, with no echo in the ovary. Women should have a regular review.

Because of the side effects of antibiotics and the recurrence of some patients after surgery, traditional Chinese medicine is a good choice, such as Fuyan Pill. It can alleviate the symptoms of endometriosis and improve the constitution, improve the body's immunity, and reduce the possibility of recurrence. At the same time, it can also be adjusted by traditional Chinese medicine.

What to do when the follicular can not break?

The phenomenon that the follicle does not break is quite common. This phenomenon often occurs, will bring a significant impact on women, such as amenorrhea or infertility. There are many causes of this disease, so women must find out the cause and treat it symptomatically.

Cause analysis: the phenomenon of follicles fail to break is usually shown in the following aspects.

The pituitary function of women is impaired.

Patients with ovarian dysfunction, such as primary amenorrhea or secondary amenorrhea and other gynecological diseases.

The hypothalamus of women has disorders, such as functional hyperprolactinemia.

There are many reasons for the failure of the follicle. Every link in the reproductive endocrine system must keep regular to ovulate normally. Once an organ has a problem, it will lead to the occurrence of female ovulation. And only regular ovulation can make females pregnant.

Due to excessive work pressure, many women are in a tense mental state for a long time, which will cause endocrine disorders in women for a long time, resulting in female follicle rupture and ovulation. It is suggested to go to the regular infertility hospital for detailed examination and symptomatic treatment.

Women can eat more black beans and other bean products, which can promote the development of follicles. Also, they must maintain a good attitude, pay more attention to rest. It is recommended that in the treatment of professional regular gynecological hospital to check treatment.

Precautions: Keep the vulva clean and dry. It is recommended to change underwear frequently and wash it with warm water. Please do not mix it with other clothes to avoid cross-infection. In terms of diet, try to avoid eating spicy food, avoid overwork, and avoid smoking and alcohol.

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