Almost every one of us dreams to have a healthy body, lose extra weight and get an awesome body shape. But hardly any of us has ample time to attend a gym or afford buying expensive exercising equipments at their place.
Exercise is essential to keep one’s body in tune. Apart from all its physical benefits, exercising plays vital role in sharpening our memory and making us mentally strong and healthy.


Regular work outs are essential for maintaining a healthy body as well as a sharp and mind. It also controls one’s weight. An obese person is prone to catch various diseases. A healthy lifestyle, regular and consistent exercise routine and TRX Suspension Training can help one attain and maintain a physically fit body.
Works out also bolster one’s memory and increases flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain which make the mind sharp, healthy and prevents one from Alzheimer’s disease and many other related conditions.
The increasing use and dependency on machines has affected people’s health. Gone are the good old times when people have to manually do everything. Scrubbing the floors with hands, running or walking to reach from one place to another, climbing stair case etc is getting less common now. People have machines for cleaning the house, vacuum cleaners, for instance. They use elevators and escalators instead of climbing the stairs. Cars, Taxi cabs and subways are widely available everywhere so no one bothers to walk on foot or run to reach places nearby. Moreover, busy routine at work has also made it difficult for many to take care of their health and fitness.
Thanks to TRX suspensions training, many people who hardly find time for workouts or other physical activity can easily exercise at anytime and anywhere. Be it home or office, or another place, TRX fitness tool is easy to carry. It is affordable as compared to expensive gym charges and heavy exercise machines.

Are exercises suitable for a cancer patient?

Some people think that a cancer patient should not do exercises. However, the fact is that exercise can help a cancer patient in many ways. It releases stress and makes one feel energetic. Of course, tiring exercises are not suitable for a patient but one can try using TRX suspension training. The patient can select any exercise which he finds comfortable and appropriate for his health condition.
TRX Fitness is suitable for everyone, of any age or fitness level. There are different exercises that a patient can try, whether at home or in a hospital. Exercise helps a cancer patient combat with the disease. It also helps prevent cancer from re-occurring to a patient after it is cured.
TRX fitness is suitable for a patient regardless of age, health status and weight. Those who have survived successfully from this disease should use exercise regularly. This will help them in staying fit and healthy.

Ideal way to stabilize your mood:

TRX fitness can make one feel better by alleviating one’s depression, releasing stress and uplifting angry mood. So, if you are worried or depressed about something try exercising and you will feel relaxed and free of anxiety or melancholic feeling. It will help you concentrate properly on your tasks.
Students often become stressed out during their examination and so does a Cancer patient when he or she is revealed about the diagnoses and the stage of the disease. It is essential to stabilize the mood of such patient and help him or her get rid of the anxiety and depression. Use of TRX Suspension Training can help in removing the signs of depression from the patient’s body. So if you know a cancer patient, encourage him or her to exercise.

Besides Exercise, what else is recommended for a Cancer Patient?

High dose of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) along with insulin is recommended by specialists all over the world. Vitamin C fights the Cancer or tumour causing cells in the body, without causing any harm to the healthy cells.
Cancer cells breed on acidic environment and sugar. One should avoid eating too much fast food and sugar diet.Healthy eating habits – such as, intake of fresh fruits and vegetables creates an alkali environment while use of insulin with Vitamin C kills the Cancer cells.

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