For 13 years, Estia Soaps has been doing a wonderful job with this recipe in Greek and the products they make are a great example of the beauty of nature and its natural ingredients. For this reason, all our products are made with all natural ingredients and we believe in the beauty of nature.

We believe in aromatherapy, which, as its name suggests, is a healing process using various plant extracts. The therapeutic use of aromatics and essential oils is of crucial importance for improving mental, physical and emotional health. These sweet flavors reduce pain, stress, anxiety and restlessness and make the feeling lighter. Our products include a plastic - free gift that has the ability to treat headaches, migraines and aching joints.

Our stressful lives in today's world often result in sleep deprivation, and we can help you with that. We are confident that our handmade recipes, made from 100% pure essential oils, will allow you to spend the night in total peace. Finally, the combination of essential oil and aromatherapy, together with the calming effect of natural aromatics, will make your fears disappear.

Many people find it difficult to allow themselves a deep and restful sleep, so the owners have created a aromatherapy sleep pillow mist to sleep in.

Estia Soap, which triggers lavender manure in your pillow, ensures increased relaxation and naturally deeper sleep. Lavender oil is one of the best-known products for reducing stress and anxiety worldwide. It is ideal for people who feel stressed, anxious or just tired and can also help you sleep better at night, especially if you are afraid.

It comes in an aluminum bottle that bans the use of plastic, and surprisingly you can also spray it on your dog's bed. Lavender Pillow Mist can be used for children who feel restless or stressed, as well as for adults.

This relaxing eye pillow is full of rice-dried lavender filled with pure lavender oil and the substance used in it is vegan, as with all products.

The fabric can be washed by hand, so you don't have to worry about washing, and it's also super easy to clean, as you can wash the fabric by hand.

This magic pillow does a lot more work than a normal pillow, and you can even heat it up in the microwave and place it on your neck for relaxation. It solves anxiety, helps you find a deeper sleep and who doesn't love a bit of time in the bath?

Certified recipes have been treated with the utmost care and respect for the health, safety and integrity of the ingredients in question.

We keep the natural freshness and also use olive oil and shea butter to give the skin extra nourishment. This luxurious bath salts is packed with essential oils that relax body and mind with their natural fragrance. Since the brand uses only natural products, it is 100% natural and vegan and also available in a wide range of flavors and textures.

This lavender bath salts is an incredible choice when you're having a long day at work, putting you in a relaxed mode and helping you to get away from the stress of work. With this long bath darling, you will experience a deep sleep, and it will also help to distract from your work stress.

This luxurious bath salts made from Estia Soaps relaxes your body and relieves headaches and fears. It consists of ylang essential oil - geranium oil, which combines flavours to combat stress and depression. Try Minthis tonic luxury bath salts to relieve your aching muscles and sore muscles with this salt.

It contains peppermint oil, which has a cooling effect on the body and eventually increases blood circulation and reduces stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy products and luxurious bath salts that help you to reduce stress and feel relaxed after a busy day. Mindfulness and concentration are trained by mindful bath salts from Erevos. Essential oils such as sandalwood and rosewood help to concentrate better and give peace, and the coolness of the mind helps to relax and shake off stress.

All you need is to look at the website, select the product you want to use and try it out immediately. Speaking of external effects, these products work on the skin so you don't have to use them to improve your physical health or affect your emotional and mental health.

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My name is Olga Gerogianni. I’m a former Spa manager and beautician who collaborated with several 5-star hotels in Greece. What became apparent was the amount of people who loved our aromatherapy treatments. In particular, the benefits essential oils had not only on their skin but also their mood.