The fallopian tube is the bridge of good pregnancy for women, responsible for the smooth delivery of fertilized eggs into the uterine cavity and complete implantation. However, many women are infertile because of tubal blockage.
Due to excessive worry, they listened to others' advice and began to take hot compresses and rope skipping for treatment. So can this kind of way unblock fallopian tubes after all? Next, let's take a look at it.

Can sea salt hot compress treat blocked fallopian tubes?

Sea salt hot compress, its effects on treating blocked fallopian tubes are greatly improved. As for its application method, you can choose to hot compress with salt or microwave heating. This method can effectively treat tubal blockage. It is worth noting that the sea salt hot compress method is not suitable for every patient.

Besides, for the patients who choose sea salt hot compress, it is better to cooperate with the internal adjustment of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the best effect.
Although sea salt hot compress can be used to treat tubal blockage, it is only an adjuvant treatment to some extent. For the most fundamental treatment, people need to cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine, such as Fuyan Pill. It works to unblock the tubes, eliminate blood stasis, and wipe out the toxins, to restore your reproductive system.

Can rope skipping unblock fallopian tubes?

Rope skipping is suitable for fallopian tubes. Also, the ups and downs of the body during rope skipping can shake the internal organs. The uterus and the surrounding ligaments and mesentery can also play a physiotherapy role of tremor and massage, and can effectively prevent an ectopic pregnancy.

Under the dual effects of hormone and nerve, the fallopian tube has a strong and weak contraction. It also has a takeover peristalsis contraction. With the function of contraction and the swing of endothelial cells, the egg can be sent to the fertilization point of the fallopian tube. The rope skipping can make the egg smoother and accurately enter into the opening of the fallopian tube and increase the probability of pregnancy.

From the above, we know that sea salt hot compress and rope skipping can be an auxiliary treatment for patients with fallopian tube blockage. As for the specific treatment method, patients still need to see a doctor in time to make a treatment plan.

Misunderstandings to be avoided in the treatment of fallopian tube blockage

1. Do not blindly seek medical treatment, delay the opportunity for treatment

In the treatment of tubal infertility, we should follow the scientific law, classify it, make a precise diagnosis, and then treat it symptomatically. In the process of treatment of various changes in the body to detect and get accurate data, the use of clinical practice has repeatedly confirmed effective treatment, only in this way can be said to comply with scientific treatment.

Some methods are not useful for everyone. Sometimes, it will delay the disease and delay the opportunity of treatment, so we must treat each person according to different causes.

2. Don't trust false advertising

Many infertility patients are eager to seek medical treatment and are more likely to follow the advertisement and take medicine casually, which costs money in vain and may delay the treatment of the disease.

If females find infertility, they must go to the regular and professional hospital, accept the regular professional examination, and then according to their specific situation, carry out targeted treatment to solve the problem of infertility.

3. Don't confuse tubal blockage with anovulation

The fallopian tube is where the egg and sperm combine and the tube for transporting the fertilized egg. Fallopian tube and ovary are adjacent organs. They perform their respective duties, have connections and essential differences, and can never be confused.

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