Meaning of endometriosis :- The lining of your uterus is called as endometrium. Endometriosis is a painful condition in females life which affect the female fertility. A unique tissue is responsible for your menstrual flow which slough off and causes bleeding, called as period.

Yes, you can get pregnant although you have Endometriosis but you will have problem in conceiving pregnancy . An egg must travel from the ovary, past the fallopian tube, and to the uterus for fertilization before implanting into the uterine lining. If a woman have mild or moderate type of endometriosis than she may get pregnant but if she had extreme type of endometriosis than its unable to have pregnancy. If a woman has endometriosis in her fallopian tube lining, the tissue may keep the egg from traveling to the uterus. It’s also possible that endometriosis could damage a woman’s egg or a man’s sperm.

Pregnancy while endometriosis can create problems and issue in your pregnancy time.

Symptoms of endometriosis :

Pelvic pain
Lower back pain
Irregular periods
Heavy menstrual flow
Discomfort in bowel movements
Pain during intercourse
Development of ovarian cyst

Types of endometriosis :- The endometriosis is classified in four stages. These stages include –


Minimal, mild and moderate endometriosis woman can conceive pregnancy up to 90%. It only lack 10 % because whether female having other issue and some time due to endometriosis only. Endometriosis is most common condition for infertility.

If a woman is suffering from severe endometriosis than having pregnancy will be a heavy risk for both mother and child. Its better you can go with test tube baby technology. If you are tolerating to much problem with endometriosis your doctor may recommend you to go with removal of reproductive organs if the endometriosis causes irreparable scarring and damage to the reproductive organs, a patient may have surgery to remove their ovaries and/or uterus. This has obvious consequences for fertility. After surgery you can conceive pregnancy via new techniques such as freezing egg, using egg of egg donor, using surrogate etc..

Treatment your doctor may recommend you :-

Now a days, your doctor may recommend you some excersise, meditation, assisted reproductive techniques (ART ).

Surgery :- surgery will include cleaning of your uterus lining, remove deposits, lession, plaques etc.. From your body which will help you to have pregnancy without disturbance.

Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH ) :- If you want to get pregnant desperately your doctor will recommend you to release GnRH. GnRH is a hormone use to produce estrogen in your body. Your doctor will suppress estrogen hormone which effectively starved the endometrial deposits and move out of your body and which stops your menstrual flow. This GnRH will not allow you to get pregnant and if it will be suppress they you can get pregnant.

Intrauterine insemination IUI :- IUI with ovarian stimulation will some how help you to have pregnancy.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) :- No doubt that IVF treatment is for endometriosis patients. Having test tube baby is very effective process for endometriosis patients.

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