CBD oil has gained a lot of popularity in the wellness industry for its ability to help reduce pain and symptoms of many diseases including depression and anxiety disorders. Most of the CBD used for this purpose is hemp-derived which contains multiple types of cannabinoids and other compounds like terpenes to produce an entourage effect to improve the health of its consumers. 

However, not all CBD is equal and can have higher amounts of THC which is illegal in most countries globally. Even hemp-derived CBD is not permitted in many countries and is slowly gaining legal status across the world. If you live in Germany and are concerned regarding the legal status of CBD use, we will cover that in this article. 

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Is CBD legal in Germany?

In March 2017, the government of Germany gave the legal status to the sale and purchase of cannabis and its products. As cannabis comes under the Appendix III of the Narcotics Drug Act, it falls under the category of a substance the consumption of which is neither very safe nor extremely dangerous and addictive. 

This is why growing and trading cannabis is permitted globally provided that the cultivation of hemp plants and processing to produce CBD products, both the processes are strictly regulated. 

Legal aspects of CBD use fall under the following categories:

  1. Sale and purchase of CBD through offline and online mode:
  • Germany was among the first European countries to legalize the use of CBD oil and other products. 
  • This is why it is completely legal to buy CBD from both online and offline sources. 
  • You can even buy CBD extract from various health stores in Germany. 
  • However, the purchase of raw cannabis is strictly prohibited. You can only buy processed CBD extracts and products. 
  1. Cultivation of Hemp plants:
  • A German company that can give proof of its experience in cultivating plants requiring unique processing techniques and care can apply for a permit. 
  • Once the permit is granted, they need to follow European cultivation standards to handle seeds, grow cannabis plants, and their processing. 
  • If the laws are not followed strictly, such cultivation will be considered under the narcotics category and thus, becomes illegal. 
  • This can also result in the prosecution of permits given to the company. 
  1. Recreational and non-recreational use of CBD:
  • While CBD oil can be used as a health supplement, recreational use is completely prohibited. 
  • Even for non-recreational use, the THC content of the CBD products should not exceed the permitted limit which is 0.2%. 
  1. Medicinal use of cannabis:
  • Medical cannabis is legal to use in Germany provided THC concentration is strictly maintained under permissible limits. 

Germany being a very progressive nation when it comes to cannabis use allows legal cultivation, processing, sale, and purchase of CBD oil provided you are not violating the union laws mentioned above. 

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