Can I Make My 5 Inch Penis Longer: Is a 5 Inch Penis Enough To Satisfy a Woman

Can I make my 5" penis longer? This question has been posted by many men who feel that they are shorter than average and wants a longer penis. Now the answer to this question is easy. Yes, it is indeed possible to make your 5" penis longer. It seems that men have equated their penis length with masculinity and virility and will indeed benefit from a longer penis, providing them with a self confidence boost that they can satisfy their women more in bed with their longer penis.

It might seem like the longer penis a guy has, the more self confidence he has and his career, physique, overall style and image is only secondary to this fact. And most of the time this will be his first consideration when considering his masculinity and manhood.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Medically speaking, a man's penis is considered average if it measures from 5 to 6 inches. A little bit shorter will the one that just pass over 4 inches and fall short of 5. While anything longer than 6 inches is already considered as big. It is said that height is related to the size of the penis and there is some truth to this allegation but the well known adage that foot size has anything to do with penis length is purely hypothetical and has no recorded evidence of being true. Although there are some accounts that the length of the index finger is proportional to the length of the penis. So if you are quite tall with a long index finger, chances are your penis will be long too!

Now, as was mentioned, it is indeed possible for a guy to lengthen his penis, but you do have to consider the time and effort it will entail for you to achieve this goal.

You can take penis enlargement pills, there are varied evidence that points to its efficacy, although it is advisable to seek your doctors permission first before taking any form of medication.

You can also stretch your penis to lengthen it. This can be done by exercises, penis pumps, tractions devices and the likes. This method can increase the size of your penis but it will take time and effort on your part, so patience is a must. But many men have attested to the effectiveness of doing penis stretches and thus, many recommend it.

You can also choose to undergo surgery, but this should only be done as a last resort.

So the question can I make my 5" penis longer entails a positive response, all you need to figure out is which methods works for you best.

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Penis pills are the most aggressively marketed enlargement products on the market. You will see atrocious claims like grow your penis by 2 inches by just taking our pill or something along those lines. You however have to realize that these ads are mostly hoaxes that are just trying to profit from you rather than give you a larger penis.

There are two kinds of penis pills. One is the herbal kind and the other is pills with synthetic ingredients in them. Herbal pills usually have ingredients like ginseng root, muira puama and other such fancy names. Herbal pills usually help you get a firmer erection and not a larger penis. Even the firmer erection is very temporary and it will fade in just a few minutes or hours.

Synthetic pills are worse because not only do they not enlarge your penis, they also potentially contain ingredients that are harmful to your body by producing bad side effects. The popularity of penis pills as an enlargement method largely exists due to the fact that people find the process of popping a pill to make their manhood larger very appealing. It sounds like a very easy process and that is why there are a lot of people ordering these pills only to be very disappointed later on. My advice to you would be to avoid penis pills at all costs. It will save you both money and frustration.

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You must understand that the penis needs to grow naturally in order to become bigger. There is only one natural method of enlargement which is in the form of penis exercises. They are not a very popular method because they take a little bit of time to show results. But unlike pills and other ridiculous gadgets, there are no false promises when it comes to exercises. Most information sites about penis exercises will tell you very honestly that it will take about 5-8 weeks for you to see results with penis exercises.

Although it takes a fairly long time, one should know that it is just a few minutes of exercising everyday. An average person using penis exercises can do them for about 10 minutes a day, on 5 days a week for about 5-8 weeks to see good results. This is the only method where the satisfaction rate is high as there are no false promises, just steady growth over a few weeks.

Another important thing to know about penis exercises is that one needs to follow a good schedule in order to achieve enlargement in the fastest way possible. There is no use in following you tube instructions or other amateur instructions and hope for a bigger penis. It is recommended that you use a good schedule that has been already been used by thousands of people to get the results that you want, in a safe and efficient manner.

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You must have come across at least some form of skepticism or rants against penis exercises as an enlargement method. The most common complaint about exercises is that they do not give you effective results. The people who usually complain about exercises go wrong with one of the following.

Size expectations that are too high - You can gain only an inch or two with penis exercises on an average. If you are expecting to be bigger by 4 inches, this is not the method for you. In fact, there is no penis enlargement method that will allow you to gain that much.
Time expectations are ridiculous - Most people are very, very impatient and want results today and tomorrow. It is just not possible. If you were trying to get bigger biceps, can you expect them to be bigger in one day's time after a workout? The penis is no different. It needs time to grow

Techniques used while doing penis exercises - This is the biggest mistake that people make. They do a quick Google search, find an exercise on the Internet and just start doing it for like an hour. This is probably the most ignorant thing you could do when it comes to exercises for the penis. Exercises need to be followed according to a schedule and not randomly. A good program will NOT require you to exercise for more than 10 minutes at a time.

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Improper warm up and other care - Every exercise needs to be preceded by a warm up. Warm ups are very important because they get the penis stimulated for enlargement. Also, exercises are never to be performed on an erect penis. They should always be done on a semi erect penis.

You will find a lot of people cribbing about penis exercises on the Internet. The reason why it has not worked for them is because they fall under one of the categories listed above. They either want unrealistic results within a very short time frame or without wanting to put in any effort at all. These people are also the ones who will buy penis pills and pumps that promise quick enlargement. They will however be eventually dissatisfied with those methods as well as they simply do not work.

If you are looking for a real penis enlargement method that does not offer false promises, you can start practicing penis exercises even today to be on your way to a bigger penis in about 5-8 weeks. It is a long time but well worth the wait as penis exercises provide safe and permanent enlargement.

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Want to gain a bit more size to your manhood? Scientific tests have shown the average male organ can STILL naturally grow in size if stimulated correctly. And one easy way for you to realistically increase your penis size is simply by doing some stretching exercises on it... using your hands!

True, there are plenty of products out there designed to help you end up with a larger-sized package down below. But one common thing among these tools and medications is that they cost a lot of money! Compare that to doing exercises on your penis with just your hands.

In fact, medical researchers found proof that simply by exercising your male organ with stretches, you not only can grow it by a significant amount of size, but also leave it PERMANENTLY bigger!

On your part, the exercises are not at all demanding. The stretches are extremely easy to perform, and do not take a lot of your time either. Typically, 20 minutes is all you need to spare to do all the exercises each morning.

Add up to 4 inches to your penis size... starting today, RIGHT NOW!

Here is one of the several stretching routines you can/need to do in order to increase your penis size by a good amount:

1. Make sure your male organ is in its flaccid state

2. Grasp your penis by its head using one hand

3. Stretch it outwards, going as far as you can comfortably go

4. Hold for 10 seconds

5. Change the direction of your stretch to upwards

6. Hold for another 10 seconds

7. Slowly rotate your stretch clockwise back to its original position

8. Release your stretch and relax your organ

9. Repeat a few more times

As you can see, there is really nothing much to the exercises. Practising this, and the other simple stretching routines, regularly in the morning for the next few weeks will help naturally increase your penis size and leave you more confident about yourself in bed!

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