Can I Pleasure A Woman With A Small Penis: How To Satisfy Her With A Small Penis

#1. Small penis sex positions: believe it or not, not all sex positions are created equal. Some positions are not suitable for small situations because they may not be arousing to women. In this section, you will find a list of stellar small penis sex positions that can create tight fit and intensify orgasmic pleasure for both partners:

- Modified woman-on-top: both partners resume in typical woman-on-top pose. The, the woman sits onto penis and moves her hips in side-by-side or circular motion.

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- Missionary position: the woman lies on the edge of bed. The man kneels between her legs and enters her. He can place a big cushion under her back to adjust angle for penetration. The woman should raise her legs in the air to allow deep thrusting.

- The spoon: the woman lies on her stomach. The man penetrates from behind slowly using his hands as support. During penetration, the woman should raise up one of her leg to supercharge the sensation.

#2. Satisfy her first: it's perfectly normal to worry about small manhood. But, you should not get overly anxious as it can affect the quality of sex! Instead, you should concentrate on giving her at least one orgasm prior to penetrative sex. You need to understand that most women are not able to climax via intercourse, no matter what size you are. On the other hands, various studies show that most women "always" manage to reach new heights via oral sex and direct clitoral stimulation. Thus, you should take advantage of these facts to make her completely satisfied before you proceed to penetration.

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you are not happy with your penis size. However, for most people, it should be noted that they are usually not happy with just the girth or the length and not both. The average penis girth is about 6 inches and the average girth is about 5 inches. A lot of people want a longer penis but a lot of people would rather prefer a wider penis with no change in length.

That brings us to the question of how specific gains are possible. Before we get into specific gains, let's briefly go over the methods that will give any gains at all in the first place.

Enlargement surgery - It is estimated that about 20,000 men have gone under the knife in the U.S. to enlarge their penis. The average they have gained from such surgery is about 1 inch in length. Penis lengthening surgery will cost you anything between $5,000 to $10,000 depending on which Doctor you approach. You should also know that there are only a select few doctors who are willing take on the risk of offering penis enlargement surgery. Surgery also gives you the option to just widen your penis although this is a far more expensive procedure. Costs for widening can go up to $20,000, again depending on which Doctor you choose. In my opinion, considering the costs and potential risks of going under the knife, surgery is the last thing you should try.

Penis pills, lotions, creams - I will be short with this. All these products are complete hogwash. Just because a flashy advertisement tells you that you can add 3 inches to your penis by taking a pill, it doesn't become true. Pills have absolutely no scientific evidence to have ever worked. The same goes for lotions and creams.

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Vacuum Pumps - These are devices that are used mostly by adult film actors who take breaks in between scenes to pump their penis. Vigorous pumping will give you a firmer erection but will last just about 5-10 minutes. Unless you have a partner that will be OK with you taking a break during sex to pump your penis, this method is completely ridiculous. Also, this method does not offer any ways to get specific gains, let alone any gains at all.

Penis exercises - This method is the only method out there that you can do on your own and get real gains in your penis. It is usually a slow process but it is the only process that will work for you. A good exercise program will give you targeted exercises that you can do to increase penis girth and length or just one of those two if you choose. Again, don't get too excited with exercises because it requires dedication and patience. You will need to exercise your penis for about 10 minutes a day, for the next 5-9 weeks to see realistic gains.

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The average adult human penis is about 6 inches in length and about 4.9 inches in width. While these are averages, you should also know that there are thousands of people in other size ranges as well. Also, there is no way to be very accurate about the average penis size as measurements are based on surveys. You cannot expect a fool proof survey where someone goes around pulling pants down to get an exact measurement.

Jokes aside, one might however be curious about what possibly decides his penis size. The following are factors that will play a role.

Good diet - A good diet is healthy for your body and your penis as well. A low fat diet will promote good blood flow in the body. The penis size, as you might or might not know, is determined by the amount of blood it can hold. If you have been used to a high fat diet, chances are that you have a high cholesterol level in your body which will impede the quality of blood flow into the penis. So, make it a point to be careful about your fat intake.

Smoking - If you are a smoker, there is again a good chance that you are not helping your chances in terms of maximizing your penis size. This is because smoking again encourages arterial narrowing which will reduce the amount of blood flow into the penis. Also, for smokers, the penis is the first organ affected as narrowing of the arteries first starts at the penis. This is because the arteries that go into the penis are already narrow to begin with. That is why ED or erectile dysfunction is such a big problem these days. If you quit smoking, you are essentially taking a big step to avoid ED in the future.

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Tension or Stress - If you are not in a relaxed state, medical studies have shown that your blood flow is redirected to your hands and legs. If you are in a mentally stressed situation, your brain will redirect the blood flow into your hands and legs because it thinks that you are going to need them for self defense to fight against the source of stress. Funny as it may sound, the amount of blood flow into the penis is much more when you are relaxed than when you are stressed. Practice relaxation techniques like Yoga or deep breathing to encourage relaxation.

Body temperature - Have you noticed how your penis and scrotum shrink and hide when it is cold. The penis is largest when it is warm. It is always good practice to generally massage your penis area during a hot shower. This will encourage good blood flow. The best time to have sex is after a hot shower as the blood flow will be at its peak after the heat generated by the shower.

So, as a general rule, try to encourage maximum blood flow into the penis by keeping in mind the points above.

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But how does it work?

The scientific explanation may seem complicated even to the best of us guys. But in simpler words, the stretching action you perform on your organ helps to increase the amount of blood which enters its main blood chambers inside. Filling up these chambers with more blood only causes the tissues within to expand even more, resulting in a natural increase in your penis's physique.

The beauty of this stretching technique is that your penis will keep growing at a gradual pace as long as you keep regularly practising the stretching exercises. And in just a matter of weeks, you should observe your manhood become not only several notches bigger, but also more sexually masculine-looking!

Is it hard to do the stretching exercises?

Not at all! Truth of the matter is, you only require a few minutes (typically 20-30 minutes) of exercises each morning to experience any impact on your penis size. With just that little bit of sacrifice on your part, you can be sure your woman will never look at you the same way again - and I mean that in an absolutely positive way!

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