Getting help from a marriage counselor when your marriage is seriously troubled is one of the first methods a couple does. Nonetheless, it takes financial commitment for counseling to be successful. But there are a few techniques to salvage your marriage without draining your funds.

1. Communicate. Your thoughts are yours alone, don't think that whatever is going inside your head can be read and understood by your spouse. You should air out your thoughts and problems if you want your husband to grasp you better. You will not be able to restore issues if you continue to shrug things off.

2. Have a conversation about the things that are working and those that aren't. Do not expect what should be your spouse's actions, or you will only end up getting disappointed. Open communication lines and work out your issues by talking to each other. Talk about the factors of the quandary and the solutions you can use. As much as possible, target the solution and avoid getting too concentrated on the crisis.

3. Avow the love you have for each other. There are many ways to make your love felt which can salvage your matrimony. These are quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch and receiving gifts.

4. Take some time apart. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder; In this case time apart will make you be more thankful and appreciative of the worth of your marriage. It does not necessarily suggest that you will be moving out of the house. Allot a few hours after your job for you both to be alone and loosen up, or even go away for the weekend alone.

Talking about saving your marriage even if your spouse is uncertain can still occur.

5. Give it another attempt. Transform your behavior. Act and speak nicely even when your spouse is ill-mannered to you. Show him love at times when it may be difficult. You will risk him not reciprocating but at least he will know that you are committed to saving your marriage.

6. Stop criticizing. If a lot of criticisms exist in marriage, you should be very mindful of it because it can wreck your marriage. Instead of disapproving, try to admire and praise your mate. Even if he is unwilling to save your marriage, these changes may just change his mind.

7. Show your appreciation. Continuously convey your thanks, love and appreciation to your spouse. This will help soften him up and may persuade him to join you in your endeavor to mend your troubled marriage.

Counseling is a really helpful way to help you in redeeming your marriage. However, the success of counseling will still reckon on your cooperation. With or without the assistance of marriage counseling, if you are both not ready to work on it, your marriage will not get repaired.

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