Can I Still Get Pregnant If The Sperm Leaks Out: For Pregnancy How Much Sperm Is Required

For the lucky ones getting pregnant is easy and requires no planning or effort but sadly there are many couples who are really desperate for a baby and need all the help they can get.

Assuming you and your partner are medically okay and have been checked out then it can just be a matter of time and patience. The males sperm can live inside the woman for up to five days so if you have sex every other day then eventually you will get it just right. You can increase your chances this way by having intercourse at the same time as you are ovulating.

This suits many couples in the beginning as some don't want the stress and hassle of having to work at pregnancy and eventually this method will work. But if you are in a hurry or have been trying for ages and the pressure is on then you need to get your timing sorted and be prepared to be on regular sex duty.

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Ovulation Test Kits

You can try using an ovulation test kit. These kits detect a hormone that is present in the body just before ovulation occurs and are usually pretty accurate. Having sex on the exact day will increase your chances of getting pregnant significantly but getting the exact day can be tricky. The cheaper kits have two lines similar to a pregnancy tester. The lines can be feint and hard to see so it can be hit and miss. I would advise getting the digital type. They are more expensive but give a much better reading.

Which Days to Have Sex

There is no hard and fast rule here but test show it's better to have sex every other day as opposed to daily (despite what your man tells you). This is because the man can produce more sperm if he waits a day. Also the woman's eggs only survive 24 hours but the sperm can live for 5 days so there should always be sperm available to fertilize the egg. If you are using the ovulation test kit don't wait until the test confirms you are ovulating. Continue to have sex before and after ovulation.


Be careful about the type of lubricant used if you need it. Most are bad for the mans sperm and can damage and kill it. Some can stop the sperm getting to the egg and block it. Check the packaging first. Many lubricants can be spermicidal! I would suggest using preseed and nothing else as it's well recognized and won't damage sperm. A good lubricant can also aid the sperm in their motility.

Sexual Position

Work with gravity not against it. If the semen can leak out then you are doing it wrong. The missionary position is probably best because you can hold the sperm inside better afterwards. If you can orgasm during sex even better. The spasm caused by orgasm helps pull sperm to the uterus.

Stay in Bed

After sex stay in bed for at least 20 minutes so the sperm can get in place. Putting a pillow under your bottom will tilt the hips and keep the sperm in the vagina longer.

Many couples get worked up about getting pregnant and take the whole thing too serious. This is probably the biggest negative effect you can have. Just relax and take it easy. Eventually it will happen.

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I often hear from women who have already conceived boys and who desperately want a girl. This is completely understandable. There is something special about a child of the same gender as the parent. As a woman, you want to bond doing female things like shopping, crafts, and pampering. When you're wanting to conceive, it's very hard to walk past all of the little dresses in the store and not at least entertain the idea of having a daughter. It's not that we don't love our boys. We absolutely do. It's just that we'd like to have one daughter with whom to share things.

I heard from a woman who said: "I'm the mom of two little boys whom I adore. I love them with all of my heart. They are so much fun and have so much energy. I wouldn't trade them for anything. But, my husband has agreed to have one more child and I desperately want that child to be a girl. My sister has two little girls and I just love being around them. How do I make sure that I have a girl this time around? Is it possible?"

Anything is possible. And I can offer suggestions on a regimen that will allow you to increase your chances for a girl conception. But I have to tell you that the only way to make certain (with a hundred percent accuracy) is to have medial intervention. I'm talking about a medical procedure called PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis. . Many people aren't willing to take things this far and they can't afford the very high cost. So they are looking for things that they can do at home.

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For the best chance to have a girl, you want to conceive before ovulation using shallow sexual positions. There are technical reasons for this that have to do with girl sperm being more hardy. To know that you are a couple of days away from conception, you want to either chart your ovulation cycle a few months before hand or use a very sensitive ovulation predictor (like a saliva model) which shows changes far before ovulation happens.

In addition to this, you will want to have avoid orgasm. The reason for this is that these fluids make your vagina more alkaline and you want for it to acidic. Acidity is destructive to boy making sperm. Some women are naturally and already acidic but if you have two boys already, this may not be the case for you. It's very easy to test yourself with PH testers to find out. If you're too alkaline, you can change this by eating specific foods meant to make you more acidic (many meats and dairy foods will help with this) and by using specific douches depending on your actual reading. You can combine both methods if you need quick or more dramatic results, although I know that this is a lot to think about.

It's very important that you don't get discouraged. So many people tell me that they don't think it's possible for them to have a girl. I don't believe this for a second. Your baby's sex is determined by whether the man's Y or X chromosome fertilize the egg. The chances of either are equal. Now, if you are always alkaline or you conceive late or use deep penetration with an orgasm, then you increase the chances of a boy. But all of these things can be fixed to work in your favor. It is not impossible. You just need to work very methodically to make sure all the bases are covered.

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Are you suffering from immense vaginal odor and ashamed of it while you are love making with your partner? Do not worry as there are many women facing similar situation and there are of course dependable and reliable ways to get rid of it within hours. Yes, it is true and for this you need to follow the below given secret tips as such. These are primary and easy ways to prevent the irritating odor....

o First understand the reason behind the odor and there might be several of it. One such common cause would be the accumulation of smegma or the whitish glunk along the clitoris which gets heaped in almost all females. Make sure you keep the place clean now and then removing smegma without allowing it to heap up at the clitoris leading to the vaginal odor. Luke warm water can be used for a perfect clean up as it makes it easy for removal.

o Tampon left-over's can also result up in the odor production and in such a case you can visit the nearby clinic to check it up and remove if any is present. On the other hand, you can also make a try by inserting your finger inside to check it up.

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o Excessive dependence on vaginal deodorants can also result in the production of an embarrassing odor as it disturbs the pH balance of that area. Therefore, unpleasant vaginal odor indicates any serious threat to the entire body or other medical problems.

o If the odor results from bacterial infection, it is advised to use cornstarch instead of powder which many women depend upon. Using talcum powder at the vaginal area can sometime worsen up the situation as it heaps up on the bends and creases thus elevating the odor and dirt accumulation.

There is nothing to be worried about vaginal odor as it is a common situation faced by almost all females across the globe at some point of time. Following these remedies can help you get quick relief from it.

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Most women face the problem of vaginal odor at some point in their life. Vaginal odor can get embarrassing as it can be felt by people around you. There can be various causes for vaginal odor. Many a time's vaginal odor is the outcome of sexual acts with new partners or a development of bacteria. Unhygienic practices can also cause yeast infections leading to a strong odor.

There is no woman on this planet that has never faced the problem of vaginal odor. This fish like odor can put you in an awkward position. If you are among those looking out for a solution to get rid of vaginal odor then read on.

Make sure that you use only cotton panties and not panties made from any other fancy material. You may find fancy lingerie in synthetic but it will deprive you of fresh air. Cotton panties will let in fresh air that stops the growth of vaginal fungus. Cotton panties are the best way to stay away from vaginal odor.

Always change your panties and pads at short intervals during periods. The unchanged sanitary pads cause the growth of vaginal bacteria that result in a fowl smell. Use tampon or make an effort to clean your vagina regularly during these days.

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Using perfumed soaps or shower gels to wash the vagina can deprive it of the ph balance leading to yeast development. Some moisture is always required in the vagina. Use non perfumed soaps and do not use too much water to clean your vagina.

If you have lots of bad odor, use thin pads that can absorb the smell leaving you feeling fresh throughout the day. These pads can be changed depending on the severity of the odor. Also carry extra panties to work so you can change them to feel fresh.

Hygiene plays an important role and proper care of your body will save you the embarrassment of fowl smell. Always use clean panties and good quality personal care products to keep your vagina away from infections as well as odor.

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