Can I Trust a Man Who Cheated on me But Promises Not To Do It Again? My boyfriend Jeff has been dating me for six years, we got on great until a few months ago I found a note in his pocket from another woman with her name and phone number and two kisses. Underneath that it said "cannot wait to do it again". Some women might not have asked him about it, and I did not intend to, but could not stop myself. At first he fudged and hedged and tried to change the subject, then he tried the tack of saying I should be more trusting and how awful it was for him that I am so suspicious. But never ever did he explain that note, so the suspicions grew bigger and deeper and his explanations became more evasive and he started to lose his temper, all the time blaming me for the arguments and trying to excuse what had happened by saying I should be more trusting.

Months later we are now barely speaking. He is coming home later and later from work. I am not please to see him and he is not very talkative when he comes in. If I bring up the dreaded subject he falls back on how it is all my fault for not being nice to him and trusting him and how dare I suspect him of such a terrible thing. But how else would such a note be in his pocket? And to make matters worse I found some iffy emails on his computer.

He refuses to sit down and talk properly and has started to tell me that "maybe" he did have a fling with another woman, but it is my fault for making such a huge issue out of it, and if he did he will not do it again, and I should be thankful for that. It happens with all sexy guys, he says, all guys needs lots of variety and lots of sex and lots of women! If this is true where does it leave us for the future? Is he going to do it again and then say well it is the way men are? He told me that he may have had sex with this other woman a few times. It was no big thing, and if I go on and on he will do it again, but if I forget it and realise it is all my fault we are arguing then he might do it again! He seems to take no blame and feel no remorse for any of it and talks as if he is holding all of the power.

So please tell me Beth Shepherd, psychic and relationship expert, where do I go from here? I thought I loved him but am not so sure now? What do the tarot cards tell you about us and our future together? Do they tell me to stay with him or leave him? Is he right when he says I am the one who has caused all of this problem because I should have just accepted that men have flings?

Sometimes I see a man I like, and the man chats me up and is charming, but it has never ever entered my head that I should flirt or cheat or that it would be right to.
Or is this a man thing? Surely trust is important in a relationship? It is very important to me, I would not want to spend years of my life with someone who says one thing and does another or does things that they should not and then excuses them. And I am sure that if it were the other way around and it was me that had cheated he would go ballistic.

When I suggested we have counselling from you together he lost his temper and said no. He barely talks to me about it. And if it were not for our little two year old I think he would have left, maybe I would have got rid too.
If this is where cheating gets you I am glad I never have. Can I Trust a Man Who Cheated on me But Promises Not To Do It Again? A case study from

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