What is Horoscope Matching?

There are quite a few important factors that make a human life worth living in this world. While, a crucial one among these factors is good affinity, it is the congenial relationship between a husband and wife, that counts the most for a satisfying life.

Also, the institution of marriage is held extremely sacred in our land. Hence, elders in India, who celebrate traditional marriages known generally as arranged marriages, attach great importance to the compatibility factor between the prospective bride and groom. The process of finding out this concord between the two is known as Match Making, which is done by the matching of the birth charts, known as Horoscopes (Kundalis). This Horoscope Matching of the boy and girl will act as an indicator to show if they can make a good pair and lead a happy married life together.

Is matching of horoscope alone, enough for the success of marriage?

The answer is NO, which may actually be surprising. horoscope matching alone need not ensure the success of a marriage. On careful consideration, one may have to agree with this, as many would have come across cases where marriages performed without horoscope matching have worked, while those done with traditional horoscope matching have failed!

Even the ‘horoscope-matched’ marriages can lead to unhappy relationships due to various reasons, like, personality clashes, inability to beget a child and health problems- physical or mental, and may ultimately end in separation or may continue as painful, untenable relationships.
What can be the reasons for the ‘horoscope-matched’ marriages not being successful?

Matching of horoscopes basically involves the assessment and comparison of 8 broad criteria, known as Ashtakoot, of both, the prospective bride and the groom, whose compatibility can ensure marital harmony. However this process does not involve the reading of individual horoscopes of the boy and the girl, which should actually be undertaken before the horoscope-matching exercise. It is only the detailed study of the individual horoscopes which can give an in-depth knowledge and vital information about the personality, fate and fortune of the person.

When the horoscopes are only matched for the purpose of a marriage, without they being studied individually in detail, there arises a strong possibility of some crucial facts and shortcomings getting overlooked, and these can cause a negative impact on the married life in the course of the wedlock.

What aspects deserve crucial consideration in the study of individual horoscopes?

The following should be considered with seriousness while studying the individual horoscopes of the boy and girl, before proceeding with the matching process for the marriage:

The longevity of the bride and groom, which can be done by studying the Lagna Lord and Ashtmesh Doshas. This may indicate a short span of life and is also believed to be very difficult to rectify, and hence it is strongly advisable not to proceed with the match, if either of them is afflicted with it.

Health will be indicated by the Lagna Lord, the Lord of the 6th, 4th and 8th houses and the Moon, analyzing which one can get to know about the history of any serious illness of the individual, which may continue and affect the life ahead.

The position of the 7th House in the horoscopes of both, the boy and the girl, is of vital importance. If this house is weak or its lord is in retrograde or if the 7th house lord is exalted in 6th or 8th or is positioned in the 12th house or is under the influence of malefic planets, this will result in very serious and unresolvable problems in the marriage. Even if one of the horoscopes is so afflicted, the marriage is not to be performed, even if there is a total matching of the horoscopes.  

Progeny is important in a marriage and this aspect needs to be studied in the individual horoscopes before proceeding with matching.

Position of the powerful planet Mars has to be studied separately in both the horoscopes. While one can go ahead with the marriage in case of commonality with reference to Mars’ position in the horoscopes of the bride and groom, it is not at all advisable to proceed, if the Mars’ influence is not known.

What can be the remedies for the afflictions in individual horoscopes?

Suitable remedies can be performed to overcome the afflictions indicated in horoscopes, but these should be done before the marriage and as advised by the spiritual guides or renowned astrologers. In case of the affliction of the 7th house, Vedic Shanthi Puja can be performed. In case of the malefic position of Mars, Mangal Shanthi Puja can be performed. In case of multiple doshas or in case, when an individual is trapped in a painful marital relationship, one has to seek the mercy and compassion of Ma Katyayini, by performing rituals and pujas for pleasing the Goddess.

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