Can Men Think for Themselves?
I am an independent person, I can look after myself.
Can I? Really!
Well I thought I could.
Six moths ago I split with my partner of sixteen years. Although the outcome was traumatic but inevitable, the aftermath has been amicable; my ex-partner is my new best friend. We communicate regularly because of mutual family and business interests, etc.
So, can I really look after myself? Well, I have successfully proved to myself that I definitely cannot.
I can cook; it is one of my hobbies. But I can’t go to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients in one go. As the nearest supermarket is a 10km drive I often have to make do with what I have got.
I know the need for a good balanced diet, but it is difficult to cook for one and I end up eating double portions, as such I am now twenty pounds heavier and less fitter.
I know that red wine is good for me, but not when I am consuming two litres per day, plus the occasional pint of beer. I finished the last bottle of brandy two months ago and did make a decision to have no more in the house, a success!
I can wash up, but I wait until I have run out of crockery and cutlery and end up with an overflowing sink with a weeks worth of washing.
I can take the rubbish to the communal bins, but I wait until the rubbish bags are overflowing and I end up taking five or six bags of rubbish to the bins, even though I pass them at least once a day.
I can take the dog for a walk, but if I don’t she makes her mess on the balcony. I can clean the mess up, but I wait until there are four or five piles and the smell and flies have started coming through the windows.
I can water the plants, but if I don’t they wilt and die. I even have a self watering system that I have forgotten to attach to the water supply.
I can clear up after myself but I wait until the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, well every room really, is junked up and nothing is where it should be then it takes me a day to do the job properly.
I can actually, for a man, operate the washing machine, but I have been known to get the washing machine and tumble drier mixed up. Guess what, yes! I wait until I have run out of clothes, then I have to do three loads of washing and wait for some of it to dry before I have clean clothes.
I know that washing machines do not really eat socks and the reason I often end up with an odd number is because I have kicked the missing sock under the bed.
I can shower and shave, but I don’t have anyone to tell me that I look scruffy and smelly. I am not aware of my own appearance or body odour until I look in the mirror and have a sniff under my armpits. And, of course, I never clean up after myself.
Everything seemed to work before we split up and I am not doing anything different now than I was doing before. I guess someone else was doing all these things and I was not very appreciative of them. I probably thought that all these little tasks were a bit insignificant and not worthy of my attention.
Now to the point of this article “Can Men Think for Themselves?” Well I should be able to as I have written a book on the principles of success, I should be able to follow those principles; I have been living with them in my mind for a number of years.
So, today I have set The Natural Pattern into motion. I realize that I am neither happy nor proud of the conditions I am living in. I know that I am the only one who can change my life. I know that I have to take responsibility for my own life. I know I can change my life effectively by completing each individual task efficiently. I know I have the skills to complete each task well.
So far, I have watered the plants, fed the dog, taken the dog for a walk, deposited the rubbish bags in the bins, shopped for my breakfast making sure I buy some fruit, washed up, tidied the kitchen and living room, written a vocabulary article and this article for Self Growth, and there is still time in the day for me to have a shave and shower before I go to the Internet café to work. I know there are bigger jobs that I have been putting off but I also know that when all the little jobs have been done there is plenty of time to spend on the big jobs.
For each task I have completed I have said “well done” to myself and complimented myself on how neat and tidy things are becoming. The power of gratitude is just as important within you as it is for external people and things.
I suspect the messages I have been sending to Universal Resources have been negative and as a result I have been receiving negative feedback. I have visited the local bar, where everyone has a negative opinion about a range of subjects. I have resolved to avoid the bar and only associate with a few people who have a more positive aspect on life.
After six months of separation I think it is about time I start to think for myself.

Author's Bio: 

Mike is the author of The Natural Pattern

This is a true article based on my current circumstances, it has not been written to make a point.

Please check out my website where you will find more information about The Natural Pattern and how you could be doing what I should have been doing.